What teachers and parents need to know about the child and the lesson

The reasons why teacher work is getting harder and harder every day

We are on the way of starting school and of starting a close relationship between students and music teachers. In various instruments (piano, violin, cello) they have a close relationship that often remains in the child’s memory for a long time and in some sense becomes an example in the child’s life. But the children themselves have changed and so necessarily the pedagogical methods and behaviors in music pedagogy must change as well.

Here’s what the Helikon Hub School Scholar offers in school education

 Many children go to school without the proper readiness to listen actively, to voluntary attention, patience, and commitment. Many teachers and educators deal more with the content and less with the development of students’ thinking qualities and processes. Most of them are unprepared from a methodological and psychological point of view and think that information and information practices are those that develop thinking and attitude towards learning.

The children’s appetite has changed. Naturally. This generation has grown accustomed to powerful, theatrical, colorful, light, dynamic, interactive and multi-functional stimuli. From the east they get used to such inputs. Consequently, the adult, whether the teacher or the educator, does not in itself create any kind of relationship. So it is no longer the statute that regulates the report. The teacher needs to give a very strong spark to the personality as a professional. Few children enter the classroom and receive a state of respect and listening only thanks to the fact that a person with a certain role has entered the classroom. Most of them only respond when the classmate is authentic, dynamic, theatrical, leader, powerful or meaningful.

This generation first demands job satisfaction. They are oriented to freedom and meaning. They are confirmation of what neuroscience has recently discovered: long-term learning is produced when the brain feels pleasure, not anxiety. Teachers have a life that prepares them with the thought that learning is fear, pain, control. It is a path to appreciation and acceptance. It is difficult to reform an entire system of mixing inspiration with sweating essentials. Initially we need the first (inspiration) even though in one life we ​​are taught the first to absorb the second (sweating).

Then what to do:

Kindergarten and first grade education must first work towards voluntary attention, active listening, self-control, and self-independence. Less content and more exploration and modeling of thinking.

Teacher training should be related to personality – theatrical art in the classroom. Psychological counseling and permanent professional growth. Feed-back measurement for the energy they bring to the classroom. Responsible for what they recommend as vibration.

Traditional stages of learning should be replaced by balancing those moments that also provide for the primary needs of security, diversity, connection, understanding, identity, professional growth and so on.

But it all depends on the money, mentality and pedagogical decision that is often political.


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