Tirana’s group of young composers

The history of the rise and fall of associations in Albanian music is widely known. They were initially inspired to be created by the idealism of the time in order to bring the breeze of the new music era but were brutally denigrated by objective factors (budget cuts in the artistic field, especially in the music field) and subjective ones (egoism and personal contradictions). Currently, in our music there are many associations but the ones that are turned into the “property” of some (because they select the participants according to the relations they have with them not according to any basic principle) receive such small budgets that makes them almost negligible. In the darkness of these hopeless structures, last night a light shone at the end of the tunnel. Five young artists organized an activity out of their creations and work. Their names in alphabetical order are: Ajet Çekiçi, Alban Dhamo, Enis Mullaj, Eriona Rushiti and Hamit Skilja. The collaboration between them has some sort of special characteristics which distinguish them from any other organization in the local professional music sphere. In simple words such characteristics may be the persistency and confrontation of the difficulties of our current musical reality and their strong will to challenge and outface old conservative concepts of and in creativity, also their rejection towards the depressive politics of our Ministry of Culture and sketching out a new creative line that belongs to the techniques of contemporary music. These new artists organized this activity out of their own personal budget, and also with the help and contribution of some of the professors (of the University of Art) of different instruments, they performed publicly their new pieces of work. In the pragmatic era that we live in, this trajectory is considered to be some kind of harakiri, but their sense of idealism, confidence and will is saluted and deeply appreciated by every creature with that has good head on the neck. If this organization would have the strength to stay by its own it would open its gates and send invitations to many other artists inside the University of Art and out, which with their own creations will have the ability to open doors and develop further more our music. It looks like it is time for the old generation to pass on the baton to the new one, trusting that their visions, will and energy will make a difference in establishing new historical factors. Surely after reading these lines some of you may think: What are you saying dude!
So-and-so is going to become a historical factor? Are you serious? But you have no idea what he is like in everyday life, he does this and he has done that, etc… I would personally say to that person that: The history talks for itself, there have been many cases on which distinctive figures of music art were once considered to be incompetent and unable to make a difference. I would without any doubt say that the trajectory of development and contribution that this group of young composers is trying to follow up is the same trajectory Debussy, Stravinsky, Shenberg, and other great artist let behind for them to follow.

The concert’s program contained 6 pieces that were performed very well by the professors and well-known instrumentalists such as Elvis Rudi – flute, Ina Laço – piano, Klejda Tare – piano, Milena Nikolla – piano,  and other students of the University of Art. Their performance was generally delightful not only in plan of instrumental technique but also in the interpretation and accurate recreation of the sound figuration, especially by the professors.

However the creation of this group and of the new phenomenon they represent has been “a slap to the face” of the Ministry of Culture and at the same time a light of hope for our musical creations.


Nestor Kraja

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