The Soprano Nina Muho: Inner voice is the motive that never let you down!

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Although it has been passed 165 years since the first show, “La Traviata” continues to gives us emotion us even today. It seems that this opera has a an audience that never gets enough of it. The Simplicity, the sincerity that lays in the music of the great Italian composer inspired by a sensitive Violeta conquers not only the stage, but a whole audience. This is what is likely to happen in a “La Traviata” show. Even in Tirana, this opera took place during three evenings. In the first two ones, the audience saw on stage two well-known soloists. But what was Violeta Valery’s in the third show at La Traviata in Tirana?  Did she grab the audience attention?  The soloist of this evening was the soprano Nina Muho.

Nina Muho has started studying canto at the Naim Frashëri Artistic Lyceum in the city of Vlora and in 2008 graduated with excellent results at the Academy of Arts in Tirana. In 2013 she completed master studies in “Art History”. From 2008 to 2013 she was a member of the choir throughout the TKOB artistic calendar. In 2008 she debuted in the role of Marcello from the opera “Nozze di Figaro” by V.A.Mozart in the hall of the University of Arts.

A year later, in December 2013, the new soprano held its recital concert at the University of Arts. In 2015 her musical pedagogical experiences in the field of canto began in Italy. In April of that year, Nina Muho was awarded the Prize for Best Interpretation at the International Competition for Voices Female Soloists Marcella Pobbe in Vicenza.

In 2016, the soprano from Albania is one of the finalists of the “Open Opera” competition four voices in search of a role, held in Livorno. In April 2017 she participates in Venice at the concert “Voices from the East”. In 2016 and 2017 participated in concerts in Verona “Palazzo Camozzini”. She performed in Verona at the “Santissima Trinita” Theater in Prima Sora from opera “Suor Angelica” of G. Puccini. Nina Muho held a concert at Sala Maffeiana “Filarmonico di Verona” and was awarded among the best four in the International Competition of Italy. In this activity she has represented the Verona Conservatory at the canto branch. In September last year, Nina was declared the winner of the “Biennio” competition of the Veronese Conservatory, where she reached the maximum results.

In her bio, we distinguish the concerts in the city of Vlora, where she has contributed since the first years after graduation and still continues to be very active. This soprano has also been the voice of many new works written by contemporary Albanian composers who have entrusted to her vocal the interpretation of their creations. Activities centered on charity, activity in the field of pedagogy have been other elements that complement the portrait of this singer. After the solo opera recital in Tirana in the “Opera soul” cycle, which hosts opera and ballet theater, soprano Nina Muho came to the center of public attention with the most beloved charactre for the Albanian public, La Traviata.

Opusalb talked to her. Find following the interview with soprano Nina Muho.

Opusalb: Ms. Muho how did you feel in this debut?

N. MUHO: This debut was the beginning of realizing a dream. From the very first moment I started the rehearsal of Violeta’s role every day I worked with absolute dedication. Every note, every word, every thought is built with the desire to be on stage and to be worthily represented.The role of Violetta was so challenging and appealing at the same time as it is an impenetrable role that requires vocal stretching, starts with light notes in the first act, lyrical colors in the second act and the third act requires dramaticity and of course, all emotional nuances of content are expressed simultaneously with vocals, this makes it more beautiful and intriguing the preparation of this role.

Opusalb: What was the most beautiful comment you received?

N. MUHO:   The comments have been endless by the audience colleagues, family, friends … I could not separate out one.

Opusalb: Did you ever scare the scene?

N. MUHO: I didn’t  feel scared because the desire to be there as Violet was greater than any other feeling that could challenge me, bigger than me: I was safer than ever ever since that role has completely involved me as a body of spirit even though in front of me there were approximately 900 spectators.

Opusalb: What would you like the public to know about you?

N. MUHO: I would like to know how blessed I am when I am on stage, how blessed I feel when they applaud me and how much alive whenever I stand in front of  them.

Opusalb: Did you ever think of Violet?

N. MUHO:  Of course yes! It’s one of my favorite roles and I’m sure the dream of any soprano. Violet is all about bel canto: vocals, dramaturgy and admiration, except that it is a divine role sculpted by Verdi.  Which soprano does not think of this role?!

Opusalb: When does a singer  dream of a big role?

N. MUHO:  I think that dreams are for beginners … from the very beginning the goal is to be on stage with big roles, to be the main character and often dream of dresses and operatic formats. Since the opera has text, music, theater, scenography, costume design, sometimes ballet and is very difficult discipline … are all these features that have made me increasingly convince that the best way to express art my is Opera.

Opusalb: How can the audience better know you?

N. MUHO:  The audience can recognize me by feeling … sound sounds are energy … what passes through sounds and direct interpretation on the stage is the only evidence to know me real and straightforward. I hope other debut as I think I have a lot to give.

Opusalb: What motivates a musician in Albania to keep the passion alive?

N. MUHO: To keep the passion strong there is only one name: the inner voice! Listening to the inner voice is the only motive that you never abandon. It is the greatest strength an artist can have to be where he should be, even though when he turns his head, it looks like this has a very high price … so much more in Albania.

Opusalb: What’s in your future plans?

N. MUHO:  Plans … I can say that I’m on the right path  and the plans are both short-term and long-term. Thank you for the interview and wish you success in your work!








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