Television and the remote control

When you pick up the remote control you  start switching the channels.  Being too many, you can even pass them, but in your mind you have a valuable information, cultural, entertainer or a competitive show where imagination flies in recognition of talents, artistic and aesthetic creation. However, the channel changing  do not stop. Here you find an ugly song, thereafter a erotic one, so as to be ashamed when you are with your the wife and children. Next you find  a “pure” song of a singer with all tattoos and boxer gestures but you don’t understand if he sings in Albanian, English or in any tongue dead! Here there is a sketch where the smell of the sex and the ugly faces of the ignorant actors make you continue changing channels. There is also a any advertisement, or any documentary from the communism time which do not make us nostalgic at all, regretting for the archaic culture and mentality we have lived in. After each changing you encounter talk shows  of some TV hosts not interesting  at all who use to invite just as uninteresting characters. We continue to press our finger until we get tired and the best to do is either to listen to the news, or even better to shut down the TV and take care of your job even you are tired and want to see something to be there, half sitted n sofa.
You recall that your  have cable television too. Press the remote control and start searching there. I know from experience that you do not have the chance to follow any cultural or informative show on German channels due to language. Next to them are the french, Greek, Arab, Macedonian. What about the children’s programs  why are they left behind?
You have to choose a movie that has  already started, or follow any documentary that for the sake of truth is interesting but repeated as many times as you know it.
The finger decides:  close the TV and go  get a book as the best thing you can do. Eh … to see something you have to be in time, when you like a particular show, but this  is not today.
/Adriatik Hoxha/

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