Soprano Arlinda Morava: The audience has been waiting for us and continue to welcome us with kindness

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected musical and cultural life everywhere in the world. Some of the Albanian musicians who live and work outside Albania have resumed part of their activity, so the curiosity to learn how they are developing it is high. The magazine of all-Albanian music criticism talked to the Albanian soprano Arlinda Morava who lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. The Soprano Morava is well known to the readers of our magazine being often part of our articles.

OPUSALB: Mrs.  Morava did the concert life start and under what conditions it is taking place?

A.MORAVA: The concert life, or rather artistic cultural life has begun, but with a lot of restrictions. Unfortunately the number of spectators is very limited and the programs are no longer than 75 minutes.

 All events, which are restricted, take place only in open spaces, in places which are allowed only by the municipalities and the government and not everywhere. Activities are organized in cooperation with state institutions that have terraces or luxury hotels that agree to support culture. This is about their terraces or large balconies, such as the terrace of the hotel “Continental”, hotel “Cișmigiu” in collaboration with the Spanish institute “Cervantes” because they have a common terrace, hotel “Sutter”, hotel “Hilton”, hotel “Carol”, hotel “Marriott” etc. All these luxury hotels of the period between the two wars, which have a courtyard or terrace are approved to do cultural activities with limited public up to a maximum of 60 people. As for the parks or other locations chosen by the government, the number of attendees is a maximum of 200 to 300 spectators. We are happy to be exercising our passion and work for the audience that we had missed for a long period from March 8 to June 8 when we started the activity.

OPUSALB: How did the audience react?

A.MORAVA: The spectators are very much desired, they have waited for us and continue to welcome us with very, very kindness, they give us endless emotions, but unfortunately not because (the pandemic) has set rules, we can not we please everyone. As I said above, we have a very limited number and with strict measures. But we have the greatest satisfaction in all this situation that has been created that the public “forgets” the situation and receives as little as possible the dose of culture and pleasure that art gives, and we as artists are filled with life and much more hope that “after every the storm of the sun will come out. “

OPUSALB: How did you feel after almost 5 months of interruption?

A.MORAVA: The feeling has been like a dream, after a state of full absence and when you find out that the first event starts, you keep asking  is it true or it is a “gossip”, you do not believe it and is it a dream or a reality, or are really be in front of the public? When you see yourself again in front of your eyes to be chased and can not wait to hear you again and be near you in their cultural life, there is nothing left but to say, the only thing “Thank You God !!

OPUSALB: How do you think the musical events  will continue? What about your near future plans?

A. MORAVA: We do not know what the situation will be. We are with hope that everything may go well and we pray for it, but the situation does not depend on us.Until the end of September and until the middle of October we will continue the activities as we have done since June with limited conditions. Health comes first but we too must survive in the conditions we have!In the near future are the national premieres of Salieri. In this play I am the guest of honor, I will play akti actress and I will perform 4 arias from Mozart’s operas, a part of Antonio Salieri as well as a religious part.I will continue with her concerts and my project “Nights of soprano Arlinda Morava and her guests” supported by Rotary International (România Moldova) as well as the play “Love and Passion” centered on the great Romanian actor Marius Bodochi !



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