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Another Albanian musician who visited, studied and worked in St. Petersburg in the second half of the nineteenth century was Harllampij Hristo Koçev, born around 1869, originally from Boboshtica, Korça. On this musician he was repeatedly written in the Albanian press, in “Përpjekja Shqiptare ‘”, Tirana, 1938 (n. 14-15, pp. 117-118), in’ Bota shqiptare ‘, “Albanian world” (Tirana, 1943 , pages 597–602), ‘Buletin për shkencat shoqërore’ Tirana, 1954, pagg. 135-141) with the same author, publicist Milto Sotir Gura. In these writings, but also in the book of Ramadan Sokol ’16 centuries’, the name of this man is adapted into Albanian as Harallamb Kristo (for) Koçi. It should be emphasized that not only the adaptation of his Albanian name in the last hundred years has been wrong, but also other data. The scholar Nedai Thëlimi, would later create the conviction “that all these authors in their writings are wrong when the surname of Harallamb mark it Koçi because, from the document we have consulted, it is Koço” (Thëllimi 2002: 18). Thëllimi’s conclusion is correct in that the surname, Koco, is very common in Boboshtica. The surname together with the authorship of Harallambi in all written documents of the time, available in Russian, Czech, Polish and German, seems to be framed in Slavic only as Hristo / Kristo Kocev, and not without reason. The village of Boboshtica, coming from and coming from Harllampij, was composed of Albanian inhabitants who spoke at home a particular dialect of “boboshtar” (ancient Bulgarian), which the locals called “kaj nas”, which means “like us “. ‘. Victor Eftimiu (he was from Boboshtica) characterizes it as “a Latinized Slavic language”. Information on Harlampij Hristo Kochev (as he liked to be known) was obtained from original Russian documents, probably from the same collection as Gura, such as the “Aleksandër maqedonasi” brochure, which means “Albanian”, whose first page was marked as a representative of Albania.
Kochev becomes important in the search for the figure of Scanderbeg in music, and for this I am quoting the periodicals of St. Petersburg of 1895. “With the high participation of Prof. of the University of St. Petersburg, Weinberg, the opera booklet is presented Albanian Skenderbeg, the Albanian hero, whose material is created from the historical popular life and from the impressions that derive from it. The music section is composed by the University of Novorosijsk, Fjodorov and other famous composers, to whom I present the music Albanian popular and my work This work will present the historical life of Albania and the courage of unforgettable heroes, this work will serve to raise awareness of Albanian national pride, to motivate their rebirth and to introduce Europeans to Albanian music, especially as Albanian colonies are found in Sevastopol, Odessa and Besarabia. ‘(Kochev 1895: 33).
In another extract Kochev writes: “In the daily” Qytetari “(Гражданинъ) a criticha is written to my works under the title” Motifs and songs of HH Kochev “. The list of my works is as follows: the Russian Oda Tsar Alessandro II, entitled “Pleuriti”, the novel “Fati im” (“My destiny”), “Patriotic song” and “Albanian march”. The criticisms of these works have observed: “The Kocev family is a famous Albanian family that has known war captains. Harllampij Hristo Kochev, representative of this family – is still a young man. Today he is in St. Petersburg and, as we have heard, he is the student of our university. The songs and motifs published are very characteristic and even musical. The publication also includes “The Patriotic Song”, which is the most complete of this edition. “

Excerpted by survey

“Scanderbeg in Music” Writing by Dr. Eno Koço

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