The peculiarities of 20th century music

Many people think that the music of the 20th century is very different from the classical and romantic period. In fact, the most prominent musicians and composers of this century have relied on earlier tradition, as have romantic authors relied on baroque and classical music. Renewal in music is and has been a natural phenomenon involving the very nature of music. Ignorance and misunderstanding has condemned in their time both Monteverdin and Wagner as well as Debussy or Steinberg.

However, 20th century music differs substantially from traditional music in Europe. In the way of technology and science, even music and innovative musicians have broken the scholastic rules of tonal relations, in some cases by establishing new codes for the emancipation of sounds or dissonance. They have also enriched the range or changed the degrees on which the music rises, or created new tonal systems. The musical form has also undergone changes. Today’s works are increasingly concise and expressive. The rhythm is enriched by the many studies and studies on the music of different peoples of the globe. Harmony, as a change in the conception of the melody has been greatly enriched, as has the technique of orchestration, which is also recently enriched with electronic music. Also, ultimately the compositional technique has been enriched with new ideas by the world’s foremost creative music minds, and the musical aesthetic follows the path of its revolutionization.

Composers, on the other hand, have increased their efforts for individuality. Their musical styles are much more diverse and speak to the power of their musical identity. An important role plays in these cases the poetic or musical idea being addressed. They tend to make their works more philosophical, more original, internationalist, and ultimately more human.

Also the relationship with the public in this century is quite different. The invention of the magnetic tape, then the CD, the invention of radio and television and more recently the invention of the Internet has revolutionized and transformed public communication with music.


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