To raise our children by appreciating the beauty

There are many questions that people often make in different environments, but never further deepening about them, such as: How will generations develop? Will they love art and beauty? What is the right way for them? Psychologists and scholars have found that music brings a lot of benefits to individuals of all ages, especially when it starts at a very young age, but not in the womb. A very good effect is taken by children not only by listening to music but also by learning to play it on a musical instrument, thus increasing concentration, systematic work, and developing multiple intelligence. At no time is our society in need of good music (good art), considering not only our country but also other countries like Italy, England etc. which have raised potentially the same problems as art and music. We live in a commercial world and consumption where everything is done for monetary gain, not for benefits and development of society, but we can all change that. Everything starts from an individual’s initiative, if we all start by ourselves, how little will start to change to art and music. Everyone of us loves beauty, but schools, institutions and those who produce art together to work, educate and produce more and more good art based on strong foundation-based studies. Even though our country does not support enough art and art schools, we must all be together for this cause that affects us all, because without the art of music it would be a chaos, and the man would be a nervous individual who knew never what is the beauty and tranquility of the soul that you only music can.

/Matilda Gjika/



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