How many albanian musicians are part of the music institutions in Macedonia?

Do you know how many Albanian artists are part of the Macedonian Radio and Television Orchestra, Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, the Macedonian Army Musical Orchestra or the Opera and Ballet Theater, consisting of about 500 artists?

Well there are no Albanians who are part of these cultural institutions !!!

It is quite ironic and at the same time sad that in this country Albanians are a state-forming nation and exactly the Minister of Culture is Albanian.

In the past few years, Albanians were not allowed the right to study musical instruments, but only for musical theory, thus finding a way to curtail them, to remove them, and also to reduce them artistically, by that of cultural heritage, or otherwise. After the riots and the demand of the Albanians of Macedonia to have their legitimate rights, the first moves started to emerge from this vacuum situation. Even with lack of pedagogical capacity, they raised the University of Tetova. Though more than 23 years have passed, this university still does not have all the branches of music because there are also the dropouts from the secondary music schools (quite a few in number). I think this fact has a connection with the acceptance and access of Albanians precisely in these Cultural Institutions where they are not at all welcome!

One of the recent sacrifices of Albanian art lovers is that of the opening of the parallel of music in Albanian language in the city of Kumanovo. This movement was received with great enthusiasm in the social and cultural circles, but is it enough? Because these schools have special needs or specifications, we should not just enjoy the opening, but also with its musical instruments, the relevant literature, or with subject professors.

Is the Albanian Embassy interested and ready to support with all its obligations? Having personal experience and seeing her story say that she has not done her duty as a worthy representative of an abandoned people.

All this situation has a solution which, as in other issues, is overcome by law. Personally I think that a law should be drafted where cultural institutions in the country have no less than 27% of Albanian artists among them. This will stimulate the opening of new music schools, multiple journeys at the University of Tetovo or Skopje, as well as raising the artistic level among Macedonian Albanians.

In support of this cause, in Kumanovo will be the host of cultural events on 27 April at 15:00. On this date will be held the Exhibition “Between the Ages” by Mr. Ermal Sela and the Ensemble Ensemble “Albanian Brass Quintet & Percussion”. This evening will feature centuries-old instruments that are still used in rites or ceremonies, and Albanian and foreign music will be played in a completely different way from “Albanian Brass Quintet & Percussion”. Cherry on cake this evening will be tenor from Kumanovo, Mr. Ismet Vejseli.

In this event will be accompanied by other surprises. Tirana University of Arts in cooperation with the Albanian Brass Festival will give a master-class scholarship to one of Kumanovo’s most distinguished students. This student will be taught by the Teachers in Tirana, will be part of the concerts during the festival and will also come up with the respective degree which will be a more credit in his artistic life. The name of this new artist will be announced on the day of the event on October 27th.

This important event is organized by the music professor in this city, Mr. Ramadan Osmani.


Ilir Kodhima 

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