Impressions from “The Voice” Kids Albania

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The first season of “The Voice Kids” in Albania  took place in 2013. The trainers in the first edition were Altin Goci, Elton Deda and Alma Bektashi. The format Tv Host was Xhemi Shehu. The winner in that edition was Rita Thaci from Alma’s team. The second edition auditions started in Tirana on September 9-the 2017  following with Prishtina, Korça, Shkodra. The kids who applied were of ages from 6 to 14 years old. The organizers thought another day for all the kids who couldn’t participate in any of the cities auditions mentioned above.  “The Voice Kids” 2 started broadcasting on Friday, January 19, 2018. 12 children performed in blind  auditions to be selected by 3 coaches, singers Miriam Cani, Eneda Tarifa, and uncle-nip singing couple who would be a single coach Alexander and Renis Gjoka. Up to this moment more than 1100 children from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, as well as many Albanian children who use to live in Italy, Germany etc., filled the auditorium halls during September to October last year. Of them only 72 will perform on blind audition stage to face the three coaches. Until the final night, this format will be available every Friday at Top Channel. The 12 first children  highlighted some elements that should be noted that start from their tendencies and passions for sports, relationships with family members, especially with grandparents, supporting and encouraging mothers to artistic activities, their presence on stage and no doubt voices. Among them, we noticed one  little girl who sang one of the most beloved songs for the children’s repertoire such as the “Mulan” movie soundtrack, called “Reflection”. Very often, kids start to sing  with their  animated movie columns that are part of childhood. This is a right didactic path to follow  by the organizers of the teacher.  This kids  was not only performing  her favorite song  but also she was  wearing the main character animated movie dress. The little girl Anja Myrtaj dominated the scene and hugged that hall as if it was not the first time. Further on, following the videos about the kids  we could find out more about them. Anja had found her link  to music even through the piano. She is 9 years old, born in Tirana studying in the third class. She regularly attends the classical music concerts that take place in  the capital and uses to  like especially the genre of opera. Anja surprised even with her self-confidence shown on the stage, which was also noted in her words before competing: “I believe that the coaches will turn for me.” Primarily, we were impressed by her clean and special voice. All the coachesturned around for her, but the little girl chose to become part of Miriam Canit’s team. She was so  convinced on her choice that she did not give up of her choice even in front of the “tricks” of the coaches who took her on their chair to convince her joining each team.  Finding out more about Anja we learned that she has a competitive personality: she has participated in various concerts and in several editions of the EPTA piano competition. The one to discover her passion for music was first discovered  by  her mother, who listening Anja singing home did not hesitate but took the kid  closer to the piano instrument. Of course this love has been cultivated by her teacher of piano and song Romina Maja. She wrote on Facebook: “Anja Myrtaj’s dream:  When I grow up I want to become a great singer to remember “. This TV format has a great impact on the auidience. This should encourage production to be as professional as judged and as prepared in dealing with the child’s psychological world, with their inclinations prompting them to believe in themselves, merit and follow the passion for the song. From the first evening of blind auditions, all the adults who attended took a good  lecture: the kids  are now one step ahead! You must be very prepared to follow!


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