With work, movement and courage, so we achieve what we wish

How did art in general develop in Macedonia? Perhaps this was a question we did not encounter in the writings or debates. We have just heard names of artists who have tried through art not only to express their talents but also to prove that in Macedonia art is developed with professionalism and quality. Of the most famous names of the artists of this country we have also known a singer with a beautiful voice, Beti Zylali that works to bring another way of art. After realizing the song “Heart more than” it is noticed that public reactions have been good,  the song is pretty liked and heard. Kaltrina Ziba from Opusalb talked to Beti!

Opusalb: How did your career begin?

Beti Zylali: My career started very early at the age of 9 when I participated in festivals and various children’s activities in Struga, Kerchovo, Prespa, Tetovo, Shkodra and so on. Then my teenager in the talent show “Star Academy” followed, while at the age of 18 I was present at the festivals, continuing with video clips and various activities.

Opusalb: What impact did the Star Academy have for your artistic development?

Beti Zylali: “Star Academy” helped me a lot in different aspects as a young singer I had here, including the microphone and the public, the live interpretation of various foreign and Albanian songs, great scenes, debates, and so on.

Opusalb: Since you’ve been operating in the sphere of pop music, how do you find yourself in other music genres? 

Beti Zylali: The pop stream is what most people sleep with the movements and the range of my voice, but I like to experiment with modern streams or mix pop with other streams like dance, r & b etc.

Opusalb: Can you talk to us about your songs, clips?

Beti Zylali: I have some songs released, while the video clips are 3. The first is the duet with Arta Memedi “Thanks to God” a ballad realized five years ago. The second “I do not want” a pop song with very professional clips about the movie and video structure and the latest is the newly-released “Heart more than me” novel for my repertoire, realized in Albania which is expected to see how much success this.

Opusalb: After the song “My Heart” what are your plans? Maybe a new song or an album?

Beti Zylali: Plane has always. It depends on how the work is done and which one is accomplished. The closest plans are to publish a ballad with clips and some music activities as far as the year-end feasts, while for larger projects like the realization of an album I hope for a not too distant future.

Opusalb: Apart from the song you are currently teaching in the music school, how do you see the development of young artists, how are they prepared to face the scene and what are their artistic orientations?

Beti Zylali: To work in education for me has been one of the most beautiful experiences and has influenced my development. As far as I have analyzed throughout these four years as a teacher, young people in general in our country have no opportunity to express their talents and gifts enough, they face a country that does not offer many activities and opportunities, but I also see young, very ambitious young people who try to maximize their offer of something that they have?

Opusalb: What do you think about the development of artisan life in Macedonia? How do you see the future of music in Macedonia? 

Beti Zylali: In this question I will be a bit pessimistic because all of us dealing with art in Macedonia know how difficult it is to penetrate and how few plans we can achieve in this country. In the future only hope to have development and better let’s go and see.

Opusalb: What would be your message to young artists? 

Beti Zylali: Work and just work, move, and courage! Only in this way can they accomplish what they want. Thank you!



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