Christmas that brings Danilo Zeka to Tirana

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“Christmas in Tirana” is called the activity of December 24-th that will bring on stage some famous artists. Among them is the name of dancer from Tirana Danilo Zeka, soloist at the National Opera of Greece. Already an experienced dancer, valued by the most famous choreographers in the world, the  artist who burned the flame for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Danilo claims that he looks forward to perform in Tirana, the city he feels very close to. “Opusalb” talked to Danilo Zeka. Find following our conversation:

Opusalb: How did you expect this invitation to perform in Tirana and what are your feelings for this show?

D. Zeka: It’s always a pleasure to be present in Tirana, especially when I’m also invited to perform in the local stages. The activity where I am invited by the producer Sokol Guga seemed to me very interesting and of course I accepted him very kindly. I can hardly wait because I miss Albanian stages a lot!

Opusalb: What does Tirana mean to you as a dancer?

D. Zeka: Tirana for me is everything. It is the place where I was born, raised and educated as a man and as a professional. I am very closed  to Tirana and i miss it. I am very lucky to have been part of the ballet school where I got everything from the first steps of the profession until I graduated and felt fulfilled and ready for the long artistic journey.

Opusalb: What have been the most beautiful moments in your career so far?

D. Zeka: In my long career I have been feeling good for my accomplishments. Especially with some of the great artists I’ve been lucky to collaborate with. It is worth mentioning some, for example, to attend an international gala with some of the best dancers in the world where I was present. Also an unforgettable moment has been the burning of the flame for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games! And certainly the praised of some of the most prominent choreographers  like Vladimir Vasiliev, Rennato Zanella, Alexander Grand, etc.

Opusalb: How in touch do you feel with the Albanian scene?

D. Zeka: Not that much! For some reasons, although I’m too busy with my commitments but contacts have not been too frequent!

Opusalb: Do you have a role that you set apart as the best or most beloved to you? Is any role that stands as a dream?

D. Zeka: For a classic dancer like me, the dream is dancing the classic repertoire. I have been lucky to dance many  classic ballets.

Opusalb: What are the biggest difficulties a ballet’s life has? 

D. Zeka: Our profession has endless hardships. I think and believe that it is the most difficult and complex, as well as the most beautiful. In addition to sweat and devotion, you should also take care of food. Of course, you should not forget the many injuries that come from excessive fatigue!

Opusalb: When was the last time you played in the Albanian scene?

D. Zeka: The last time was a few years ago when I received an invitation from Ballet Director Arian Sukniqi and Art Director Zhani Ciko for the ballet “Dream of a Summer Night”!

Opusalb: According to you, in the success of a ballerina more role plays in school or individual work and talent?

D. Zeka: I believe it is a collection of all because without talent, however tired and working, you will remain moderate, but of course it is not enough talent alone! It takes a lot of work, experience and love!

Opusalb: What advice would you have for young dancers?

D. Zeka: The best advice is that a hard work is needed, respect for professors and above all trust in itself!



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