Karl Orff and the Orff’s method of teaching instruments

Carl Orff is a composer, pedagogue, humanist who with his work “Carmina Burana” has achieved undeniable success. He was born on 10. 07. 1895 in Munich and died on 29.03.1982 also in Munich. As an officer’s son, he begins to learn piano instruments, keyboards and organo from the 1900s and this year also creates the first compounds. Orff is known as a composer of many stage works from medieval media themes to Greek tragedies.

 Although we do not have the curriculum of composer Carl Orff, I think that students should have knowledge on this composer works. In addition to his many musical works, the masterpiece is “Carmina Burana”, which is based on songs written in the XI, XII and XII centuries, by unknown authors, discovered in 1803 in St. Benedict’s monastery written in 119 pergamene. This work that we can not accurately decode which music genre belongs, as Orff himself described as opera, oratorio, or cantata, is a work that requires massive and handsome instrumentalists and singers to appear at concerts. This work is very popular especially the choral work “O fortune”.

This work is present as a musical soundtrack piece in over 90 films and TV productions under the “Internet Movie Database” list. Some words about the instruments and methodology of teaching a teacher and composer Karl Orff. Reflection of music and dance and movement of the human body in physical, spiritual and intellectual form or singing, dancing and playing in instruments plays an important role in children. As an idea of ​​the methodology of music teaching and the concept of Orph’s instruments dates back to the 20th century, in Munich, Germany. These music educators Karl Orff and Gunild Keetman had created in 1950-54 and published “Children’s Music” handbooks published in 5 volumes. In these five volumes, textbooks, songs and instrumental parts were good models for children and teachers to sing and play these parts together.

This institute alumni use to organize trainings in 46 countries and more of the world with the concepts of Karl Orff and Gunild Keetman. Orff Institute today exists within the Mozarteum University in Salzburg. During the development and teaching of instruments of Orfit in many countries of the world is documented that not only the pre-school musical development is delightful, but also in schools in children as well as in adults with the use of this instrument has yielded results in the cultural rise of music. It has been documented that this method has importance in social aspect and special education. Apart from the composer Karl Orff we also have many composers who have created musical instruments for Orff instruments, which are in German speaking countries: Sigrid Abel-Struth, Gerda Bächli, Franc Biebl, Hans Bodenmann, Karl Fegers, Wolfgang Jehn, Gunild Keetman, Daniel Henseletj.





/Arsim Kelmendi/


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