Johnny Hallyday, a myth beyond Elvis

Wishing to stay away from the music obedience, though this year (and past), offer us many such unfortunate spin-offs, the fresh event of separation from the life of the most prominent French rock star of the last century and also of this actual , Johnny Hallyday, however, pushes us to take on this “ingrato task” (uncomfortable task).

Yesterday, on Facebook the first news that draws attention, aside from the inevitable ordinary show of friends and family or rumors of the inevitable ShowBiz, was the disappearance of Johnny Hallyday, promulgated painfully by all the frankofons since I know the presence in this social network, but also by the various French media that had been moved by so tragic news.

What happens in such  cases generally?

First of all, remember the song that has linked you to the deceased, so in my case were two of them: One, later, called “Allumer le feu”, since 1998, is quite Rock as a hit, highly electrifying and powerful, from those songs that really often raise public spirits and spark scenes and stadiums where fans are fascinated by voice , the interpretation and the music of the respective singer / singer.For a little curiosity, this song is also featured in a film masterfully interpreted by Johnny Hallyday, with the collaboration of renowned French actor Fabrice Luchini entitled Jean-Philippe, a fantasy genre, where Johnny Hallyday plays essentially his role in two time and parallel universe, while his highly devoted fan (interpreted by Fabrice Luchini) awake in a parallel universe where Johnny Hallyday is no longer the biggest star of modern French music, does his best to do the same as the movie closes with Hallyday on the mythical scene of the Stade de France in Paris, singing among the smoke and sparks of the scene just hit “Allumer le feu”.The other song that I immediately came to my mind was my favorite Johnny Hallyday, the melancholy “Laura”, where the singer’s lyrics, sounds and feelings deeply touch the hearts of every listener, not just the fans of the late singer. A song that dates back to 1986, written and composed by the great Jean Jacques Goldman, singer-songwriter-poet of French music, a song that is definitely about the daughter of Johnny Hallyday, Laura Smet, three years old at the time of publication of this unforgettable belief.The Smet family should not be distracted, since Johnny Hallyday’s surname was indeed Smet, while the full name of the singer was Jean-Philippe Smet (where the title of the aforementioned film).



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