Inis Neziri: Happy to represent Albania at “Golden Deer” Festival

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From August 29 to September 2, in the medieval city of Brasov in Romania will be held the “Golden Deer” International Festival.  To represent Albania in this festival will be  Inis Neziri. With Neziri, our reader was first  introduced when she took part at the RTSH Festival in December, where she performed the “Pedestal” song penned by Gridi Kraja with the lyrics of  Florian Zyka. The “Golden Deer” festival is organized by the Romanian Public Television (TVR). To participate in the song competition were registered 110 candidates  of which the members of the jury selected 18. This festival celebrates its 50th anniversary and is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Romanian union. On this occasion, the organizers have thought of Gala evening of many trophies  the total value of which is 65 thousand euros. It is expected to be a Gala Celebration, two days of competition, and a Gala Festival as well as accompanying events.

Opusalb: How did you find out about this festival and were there any specific acceptance criteria?

I.NEZIRI: I found out of  this festival when i received an invitation in my e- mail containing information about who had participated over the years, how it was organized etc. No, there was no specific criterion except for the age of 16 years.

Opusalb: How will be  Albania introduce in this Festival? Is there any Albanian song  that you will sing?

I.NEZIRI: Albania will represented  by two songs. Of course one of them is in Albanian language.

Opusalb: What do you know about other participants?

I.NEZIRI: My greatest purpose is to make an excellent presentation, to give the best of it . I can say that I know a little about both.

Opusalb: How are you preparing for this participation?

I.NEZIRI: I’m studying a lot  in the studio the  two songs that I will sing. I am very happy to be part of it, so I am very happy to prepare them.

Opusb: Who are your supporters at this festival?

I.NEZIRI: The main supporters as always are my  family, the close friends and my fans.

Opusalb: You were very close to  win the Fest 56. How did you face that contest and are you going to take part again?

I.NEZIRI: “Fest 56” was a very attracting  experience  artistically and humanly. I can say that it was more of competing with   myself in which I have not reached where I want. But of course it’s just the beginning and the 3rd place means a lot. I am delighted that the Albanian and  foreign media have waited it  very well. Everything comes with time …

Opusb: What’s on Inisi’s upcoming projects?

I.NEZIRI: I just returned with a second prize from the International Festival “Tra la la” in Ohrid, as well as with many international festival invitations in some countries.
I’m also preparing a song that still does not know the stage  to be sung (smiles).

Opusalb: Since we have seen the Golden Deer, each of the participants will sing a Romanian song. Did you choose the song you would sing?

I.NEZIRI: I have definitely chosen. It’s a love ballad.

Opusalb: In the jury is also Eleni Foureira who will also hold a recital. Does this mean anything special to you?

I.NEZIRI: Of course because it creates another emotion when an Albanian is in the jury. I may  say it looks like I have a warm arm … (laughs).


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