“Placebo” Effects

While in an earlier article on “Alternative Rock” music stream, driven by the painful and sad regret of the moment, we focused on Linkin Park’s premature death, his powerful voice and the extraordinary stage presence in the Rock Star of the Third Millennium, today we will focus on another sublime expression of sounds, music and words in this regard.

Music, its genres, melodies, creativity and thought and singing are all-round and varied in today’s musical universe, but if we refer to one of the most original branches of this universe, obviously on the Alternative Side of the World Rock, Placebo find their place with unrivaled, unassuming originality elsewhere. An episode of the distant 2001 year would serve as the best illustration of this “out of the schemes” of this group in today’s conformist and highly plasma world, according to a completely superficial musical taste …The SanRemo’s traditional festival was developed, among others, directed by a woman, a rare thing for Italian television, traditionally masculine, despite the modernist flair on the screens of our neighbors across the Adriatic.And so, Raffaella Carrà, would present on the stage as special guests an unusual set for that stage of training taught with Canzonetta and ripe neo-melodic voices full of “Hearts & Love”.They were the Placebo at the height of the rhythm of the wave of their musical success as one of the most prestigious of the Rock Alternatives, with a prominent rock star leader Brian Molko, a leading vocalist for a a powerful, sensitive, sharp, explosive and highly vocal voice, as well as a musical accompaniment from other members of the group (Stefan Olsdal, etc.), arrangement of songs and lyrics and extreme ambience in all meanings and hues musical and not just.These were the Placebo that would climb the sanctuary scene, letting the public clasped and confused in the hall and loggia. They would sing the hit “Special K” by closing down the performance with a typical rocket guitar breakthrough that would then turn into a typical Italian scandal, full of casual exaggerations, with ignorant accusations and misunderstandings. The essence of the matter: The Placebo were “Troppo”, “Too much”, “Alien Body” for the SanRemo scene, an incomprehensible body present for the Ariston Theater that had already begun to break away (unfortunately) from the current developments world music being plugged into an isolating bubble that hampers the penetration of innovations and trends beyond the sanctuary. A tiny incident that would never hinder the climb to the top of the Alternate Rock of the Placebo in the following years yet.

/Elvi Sidheri/




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