Music effects on people

Have you noticed that when we are happy or sad, we start and sing a song? Music brings emotion, joy, relaxation. It is considered a therapeutic model. We can see people from all ages listening to headphones. Young people were the ones who started the new therapy. it is said that when you listen to music, you do not have time to think of something else. You are focused solely on what you hear, so people are able to remember a melody too soon. In many countries there are also specialized centers for music therapy that are composed of professionals who have pursued university studies in this regard. Music begins to affect children’s development when they are still in intrauterine life. Hearing is among the first senses that appear in the fetus, and music helps promote mental and motor functions. It has been noted that a quiet music heard by the mother has soothing effects on the baby. When music is more “rattling”, the baby starts to move from the rhythm. So the sound helps to create creativity and increase the child’s cognitive abilities. But in what ways does music help us? Give us a good mood. Simply the fact that we are listening to a kind of music or playing in an instrument facilitates the expression of emotions. Many of those who have physical or psychological illness evaluate music at another level. Also, those who have problems in the family, those who are part of the out-of-the-way environments or who do not integrate into society, have another approach to music. Often times, despite the fact that in mental or physical health we are finding ourselves sheltered in the verses that seem to us to be saying exactly what we feel and in those moments. After a few minutes, we leave ourselves under the influence of those creations and meditate in different ways that we can improve the situation. Even if the ones we hear do not happen, but only imagine and again the results are positive and we see our state improving. Sometimes we connect some melodies with people or jokes. Therefore, it is impossible for us to hear less about these kinds of connections. In some music centers, you can help Alzheimer’s patients bring beautiful things to your memory.


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