ALISA KATROSHI: My happiest and most beautiful side appears when on the stage

She is singing for  the Hungarian audience and after two days on February 1-rst, 2019 she will perform in Budapest. At 19:00 on Friday, the Albanian soprano Alisa Katroshi will sing at the “Ujpesti” Theater a program of works by Puccini, Mozart and Catalan including  the very beloved Albanian folk songs such as “Luleborë” and “Lule Maca Maca”. This is not the first time that Alisa interprets in Budapest,  during this year, other concerts are expected to take place not only in Hungary, but also in Italy and Germany.

Opusalb: Alisa in choosing your music path  who used to be the main de terminators?

A.KATROSHI: No doubt It was my choice and my mother who led me to the respective education.

Opusalb: What was the role of teachers in your preparation? Can we talk about mentors?

A.KATROSHI: Very important was the role of teachers in Albania as well as in Italy where besides the teachers at the Verona Conservatory I had the privilege of learning from world-renowned soprano Daniela Dessi and also today I still get lessons from one another world-famous soprano Sylvia Sass. Of these two personalities I can think of as my mentors.

Opusalb: What about your relationship with the scene?

A. KATROSHI: My happiest and most beautiful side in all directions appears on stage.

Opusalb: Is there any concert you have more heartening than others? What are some of the concerts you have or have you attended?

A.KATROSHI: It is a  concert organized at the Opera and Ballet Theater in 2013 for the sole reason that I was filled with love and respect (being away a few years from the Albanian public) and by many of my ex professors of the Academy of Arts. Another very important concerto at the Verona Philharmonic Theater in 2007 being selected as the  winner of the competition as the best student of the Verona Conservatory. Other concerts with the orchestra of the Verona Arena by singing Aida and “La forza del Destino”. Other concerts in the cities of Italy like: Verona, Padova, Modena, Vicenza, Palermo, Taormina. Concerts in the cities of Germany like Frankfurt, Darmstad, Mainz. In Budapest, Hungary where I had some concerts last year  and I will have more this year.

Opusalb: Do you have any favorite composer?

A. KATROSHI: My heart composer is Puccini. I have many more favorites like Verdi, Bellini, Wagner, Massenet etjer.

Opusalb: When are you singing, what is the relationship with the orchestra or conductor?

A.KATROSHI: The ratio between the orchestra and the conductor is generally very confidential and unified to bring the same emotion as the composer wanted to express.

Opusalb: Alisa what are your projects for this year?

A.KATROSHI: I will be with some concerts in Budapest in the prestigious halls and theaters not only by fame but also by their style. I will also be in Germany and Italy for other concerts. I hope to be in Albania too but this is not safe.

Opusalb: What does Alisa do in the space between the two concerts?

A.KATROSHI: In the space between the two concerts I try not to sing much but to study when it is needed, without singing the long hours, in the most time I do some tourism or read and hear music.

Opusalb: Yes, with the Tirana scene, how are your relationships, is Albania in your plans?

A.KATROSHI: I have been on the scene of Tirana as I mentioned earlier in 2013 with a concert and in 2014 in the Role of Mimi in La Boheme where I received more triumph from the Albanian public. The situation of the Albanian scene is unstable at the moment. I wish to be Albania also in my plans for an opera project and not just for concerts.

Opusalb: Is there any message you would like to convey to those young people who are today where you were yesterday, students at the Faculty of Music in Tirana?

A.KATROSHI: I love very much this question (smiles). Just by going abroad and studying there, I realized that we can learn a lot from anyone we have before, whether he or she, if not an ideal professor. So I would like to leave the message that every student can get and learn much if it is simple and very willing and willing to learn.

Opusalb: Who do you devote to this path that you have done so far?

A.KATROSHI: I dedicate my family to their sacrifices to me, the talent for the voice of God that gave me, even a little bit, my job to come up here and do a lot more, still. Thank you!






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