Several thoughts about a concert

As it was announced the canto class of lecturer Zana Frasheri was held yesterday at the Great Hall of Arts University. In this concert there were 6 students performingwith promising voices but with differentiated problems. First of all we have to admit that from this class, years ago came out excellent singers, like  Ermonela Jaho, Orjana Kurteshi, Alketa Çela, Enkelejda Shkoza,  Gëzim Myshketa, Emma Bektashi, Erjona Gjyzeli, Lindita Kola, Inis Mitro etc. Apparently the canto class at the Faculty of Music is one of the most productive and distinguished classes. The issues we are going to point here refers to the actual level of students and their perspective preparation. For the still unfulfilled set-up and the very short preparation of the first year student Esi Murati I would think that she might have not been involved in the concert. We need to keep in mind that the Great Concert Hall of the Art University should preserve its permanent magic for the spectators. Preparatory levels concerts may be displayed in smaller halls or in branch lessons. The other student Sonila Kurti, for her still little voice for her artistic sensitivity, though of short experience of  her musical sensibility, performed a promising figure on stage.
The student Laura Hoxha, despite her commitment, could not present a well-worked voice of her registry. Perhaps it is too soon for her or she needs to achieve a vocal maturity. Donjeta Bytyçi,  I think there is still a lot to be done to do and long way to do.  Leons Dhamo was rigid, it was noticed that there is much work to do on legato, on actor treatment of the work, especially on vocal work as a whole. I think it was a good appearance the one of Ambra Devolli who showed vocal strength, pretentious in opera activity, good technique and acceptable interpretation.
I think the accompaniment of singers is a delicate element that requires serious experience and participation during the interpretation. The pianist Jonida Lazellari, who really faced a whole program giving all her maximum, still she failed to be up to the required level. Of course, we are used to use all the weird and unreasonable superlatives, without thinking that students primarily need the truth that will bring them on top of their demands.That is why these personal thoughts should serve as a motif to encourage their work and passion.

/Nestor Kraja/

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2 Responses

  1. Rudi says:

    Profesor i dashur e kuptoj shume mire qellimin e mire te misionit te kritikes, pa te cilin ndoshta, arti ne pergjithesi dhe ai muzikor ne veçanti, nuk do te kishte zhvillimin qe ka sot.Ne kendveshtrimin tim kritika nuk duhet ti ngjaje asfare diskutimit te nje komisioni provimi. Per me teper qe procesverbalet e ketyre diskutimeve , siç ju i nderuar koleg e dini shume mire, nuk jane per perdorim publik. Une personalisht jam per nje kritike e cila inkurajon te rinjte dhe e kunderta dovte ishte shume e demshme. Sa per sallen e Madhe te Koncerteve, mendoj se duhet te jemi shume demokratik, pasi pikerisht sic thoni ju , sallat e rendesishme ndoshta ne orare me pak te rendesishme, mund te jene burim frymezimi per te rinjte. Gjithesesi i dashur koleg, ju uroj sukses ne rrugen me aq ” malore” te kritikes ” alla Sgarbi”. Mendoj se mund te jete e nevojshme edhe kjo nese nuk perdoret ne menyre selektive.

  2. popi says:

    cjeni tall ju mo plako, ske ca me bo, kur bena kjshu gjerash keta studenta leshi

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