Roots of ignorance!

It has spread its branches all over our lives like a great maple and it is suffocating us – it is getting worse each day it goes by!
Why must we stand so far away from “normal”? How is it possible that even in lifeless grounds your seed finds a way to sprout and multiply? How is it possible that we crave for you so much?
These are the thoughts that go through my mind after every exam I set at the University. I am getting more and more tired after every confrontation with this sort of ignorance, it feels like a strong pressure against your head. I feel like the rivers of ignorance have flooded all the streets of my country, all of the high buildings, stores and corners. The waves of this river flow and splash against everything, forming weird shapes of: people, institutions, concerts, governments or polymorphic monsters. I try to focus my thoughts on some comforting sporadic occasions, on students that are becoming less in number, students which stand alone like lonely islands in this giant flood, and their fading away saddens and frightens me.
Could it be that we as professors are to blame for? : – cry loudly the thoughts inside my head.
Are we not the ones who argue with one another whether to raise some of our student’s grades in order to be presented as more capable? Do we not ask one another to keep a closer eye on “one” of the students, which is nothing more than a request for tolerance towards them? Do we not somehow squeeze them too hard so that we can profit something from them? Don’t we do this… don’t we do that… etc!
But thoughts come across each other when they are searching for these roots and solutions: The contingent of students we select each year to our University is becoming more and more “poor”. As years go by the new generation of students are losing their passion and interest in knowledge. Ironically, they are “stripping off” their will to study and acquire knowledge and “putting on” finer and stylish clothes. Each year brings to our steps more and more lazy people but at least they look good a stylish. Could it be that some of the roots of this evil can be found deep in the grounds of the high school they have finished?
Maybe the fault really lies in them, I mean judging from their programs which are basically all of a muddle. They do not consider the fact or try to keep in mind that their main purpose should be to encourage their students to embrace and develop their art and creating skills rather than to fill our country with jobless economists and lawyers. Aren’t the weak students of the Universities the ones that get appointed teachers at these schools? Don’t we know by now that in these schools many subjects carry on with old and unimproved texts? Don’t we keep hearing over and over again how the best students insist on studying abroad? Don’t we hear this… don’t we hear that… etc?
Not only has the Ministry of Education completely ignored the fact that a strategy that develops different scales of talent shaping must had been prepared by now, but they have not hired yet absolutely no specialists of such field. All they are interested in is how to win a tender of books and completely ignore the meaningless things oh I don’t like for example “real talents” and “musical formations”, which they probably consider them as “la-la-la”. Are they not the ones who have prevented generations of true artists, composers and instrumentalists to teach, not even in middle schools?
So little by little we are approaching “the leader”, who in decades has not once mentioned or spoken about art and culture, as if they have nothing to do with our country’s development.
It has never occurred to him that besides food and economy there is another important and necessary element which people crave for, which is culture and education. It has never occurred to our “leader” that two of this world’s greatest powers are: money and ideas, but they could not reach to the second one as they are devoted entirely to the first. Why yes, they should entirely devout themselves to money. The employees at the Ministry should set aside all their plans on how to invest and plan through the strategies that develop further more the world of talents and art and should completely focus in the money. We should do so too. We as teachers and professors must seek to take advantage and profit as much as we can financially with some private lessons, with taking money under-the-table from students to pass their exams. Receiving titles which we do not deserve, etc.
It seems like the deep dark roots actually start from above and blast down here in different shapes of modern expressions with the portrait of ignorance in its center which has swallowed down this country which’s logic cannot seem to find its way up.

Prof. As. Nestor Kraja





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