On the 20th anniversary of separation by the great composer Feim Ibrahimi

My dear Friend and precious professor Feim Ibrahimi!

When the count showed me that it has been already 20 years of your passing away you left the sky, I felt a great miss. I felt missing the unforgettable conversations we shared, I was missing your golden words about music, about people, art, I was missing your vision about the future so beautifully expressed, i was missing your efforts to bring our music closer to that of the world, i was missing the work we used to start under your guidance and the courage you had to overcome any difficulties. But this thought today shows that while getting older, the works you left, thoughts, ideas and words we used to change are becoming more actual than, as valuable as it should.

It is not the case to tell you of the many problems we experienced, but to tell you that together we would have found ways to get better and to be even stronger.  But you ran away quickly, when in the zenith of your creativity, in the most mature moment of the profession, on the most valuable to music arrangements cutting the wings in this difficult season of developments in the country.

However, whenever we hear your music we understand the messages, feelings, passion, novelty, ideas that you use to inherit to culture. Whenever we hear your works, we remember that art is the path for the new ideas, that good music is done by hard work and passion to convey the futures of time, the colors and contrasts, the technique and the professionalism of a growing art. And in your works, let this vision be a wise guide to all those who would love to walk with the pass of time. The work you are talking about is mainly for young people, for those who are the future of our music, for those who, like You, are young in spirit, creative and thoughtful, the one who will advance the art of our country. But you have to know that the more time passes, the more we will know the values, the more we will understand the ideas you have written and the more we will miss.

Dear Professor, Friend and My Guide! On that day that the news came from Italy I couldn’t believe it. Not that I did not know about your problems with your heart, those were a constant concern but I could not believe you had the heart to leave the dearest and beloved ones, your family, Etri and Vera.  I couldn’t  believe you your heart left without you telling  professionally all you had in mind, I did not think we couldn’t get the jobs we started done. But now I understand that I did not know the law of nature that teaches us that in the work of the composer and only by the work we can become eternal and you  remained to all of us, the uncompromising, the unrepeated  reformer, the creator of Extensive horizons, the modern composer of full ideas of good Albanian music.

Nestor Kraja

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  1. Rudlohja says:

    Vepra,djenje,mall,respekt.E cfare kerkon njeriu nga nje jete?

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