A brief curiosity of percussion in Albania

During the period of Independence and Renesance (beginning of XX century),the percussion in Albania was almost unknown. There were some instrumentist playing on the piatti or in Gran Cassa (Daulle). After the Second World War, the first musician who had knowledge and introduced percussion instruments was conductor Fiqiri Kraja. In fact, he prepared the first two percussionists of our symphonic orchestras of the time, Skënder Kraja and Azmi Kraja, who worked the first life at the Symphonic Orchestra of Radio Television and the second in the Symphony Orchestra of the Opera and Ballet Theater. Years later, Mehmet Kraja, who is also a percussionist, will work in the Army Ensemble Orchestra. The three are those who through the courses developed at the Pioneer Palace and later in the Jordan Misja Artistic Liceu also began to educate other percussionists. Through them began to recognize the numerous instruments of percussion, mainly timpanes and further xylophone, vibrophone, marimba, tam-tami chimes (chimes) tabular bells and many more.

After this, the difficult profession requiring special data has been handed down by the second generation and specifically by Grid Kraja, who is also a well-known and prospective conductor (the son of Skender Krajan) and Edris Kraja (son of Azmi Kraja )

 So the percussion in our country is mainly dedicated to the knowledge and the masterful practice of some Kraja family suitors, without considering the drummers of light music orchestras and any percussionist in orchestras of the country’s districts.


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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Keni harruar pa permendur perkusionistin e talentuar Artan Kushi i cili sot ndodhet ne SHBA.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Keni harruar pa permendur perkusionistin e talentuar Artan Kushi i cili sot ndodhet ne SHBA. Ka punuar si perkusionist ne Ansamblin e Ushtrise, dhe herepas here edhe ne orkestren e TOB.

  3. Faleminderit për informacionin!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tan Kushi ka qenë perkusionist pranë orkestres se Radio Televizionit Shqiptar jo në TOB. Ishte nxënës i Skënder Krajës. Kryesisht baterist i mirenjohur i muzikës së lehtë të viteve 90.

  5. Alban says:

    Tan Kushi ishte perkusionist në orkestrën e Rtsh. Ishte nxënës dhe mik i ngushtë Skënder Krajës. Por kryesisht ishte i fokusuar tek bateria,ishte baterist i mirënjohur i viteve 90 dhe i shumë festivaleve te asaja kohe.

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