I would like to perform at the place where I took the first steps of the canto

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Opusalb conducted an interesting interview with one of the renowned singer (soprano) in Montenegro. She is a former student at our Faculty of Music which is well known in her profession in the neighboring state. But are we attentive and active for all students who are born and perhaps need support. Read the interview.

OPUSALB: What were the first steps to your artistic journey?

PELING: With the music I started to take that tiny. Exactly since I was 6, I started with the first lessons in the piano, and with the canton later … exactly when I was in the last years of the General Gymnasium in Ulcinj.

OPUSALB: What is the strain for you?

PELING: I can freely say that the strain contains a large part of my life. Everything at the moment is surrounded by the canoe. It is this that fulfills me and gives me pleasure .. the pleasure I have luck as little to share with people – the public.

OPUSALB: What is your current activity?

PELING: I am currently recording the first Montenegrin opera “Balkanska Carica” ​​where I will present the main role Danica. First, they will be recorded on CD and then put on stage. Also in April, the show “Mornara Pobuna” continues in some Balkan countries, where I am the only soprano that I represent Albanians in Montenegro.

OPUSALB: What was the first public impact for you?

PELING: My first impact with the public as a soloist was in the town where I live in Ulcinj. A special sensation, where for the first time I realized that the scene meets me. I realized that the combination of positive emotion and responsibility on the scene has a connection that fills me spiritually and I wish to experience it as much as possible. I can say that it was also a kind of self-determination to see that this is my way, and I want to stay there!

OPUSALB: What were the prestigious shows you attended? Who were your partners on stage?

PELING: Every play has its meaning. It has its significance and value. Every scene has its own magic wherever we sing. I was delighted to share the scene with great artists as prof. Manjola Nallbani (I wish to mention that I received my academic lessons from Prof. Manjola, with my dedication, and I am always grateful for any support that is never missing and continues today), with prof. Kastriot Tusha, as well as with the sopranon Pretra Hapler Köning, etc. I want to highlight the moment when I shared the scene with the great soprano Inva Mula and Genc Tukiçin. With two artists who have grown up with their music making us feel real art, the beautiful art that fills hearts full of emotions. All were very special experiences that, as a young artist I learned a lot, and never been forgotten.

OPUSALB: How was your starting experience in Montenegro?

PELING: Experience is one of the important factors of art. Each scene can say that it has its own firots. Scenes grow in every respect so I would not single out any scene because we learn from all the scenes and experience the experience we always have.

OPUSALB: What impressions do you have of the scenes you sing?

PELING: Impressions are always positive, as we have chosen a profession that always delights. I love communicating with the public, and I feel very fortunate that God gave me this opportunity to communicate with the audience through art (the most beautiful language the world understands).

OPUSALB: Does Gjylia have a plan for a show in Albania?

PELING: Currently playing in Albania I do not have, but with great pleasure I would like to perform at the place where I took the first steps of the song.


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