Marlon Dino – First Ballet Soloist In Munich

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    When Marlon Dino was enrolled at the Ballet School in Tirana in 1991, Albania had just entered a process of major change, a democratic transition that woke at people, especially young people the hope and courage for a better life. After graduating Marlon Dino interpreted as the protagonist of the “Nutcracker”, an applauded role at the youth cultural center in Tirana that convinced  the professors that he was in the “right place” with the choice of profession of the dancer. His two parents, Gita and Bashkimi, were the ones that inspirers and concrete supporters of projects for the future, on the track of ballet challenges. The most determined was Marlon’s persistence, long physical and professional training hours, literature readings for the mastery of movements and figures, the absorption of the experience of classic ballet and contemplative icon scenes. The ambition and courage of the twenty-year-old Marlon Dino had a different pace than that of artistic life in the home country. A specialty scholarship in Geneva in Switzerland in 1998 faced him for the first time with the level of his peers around the world. This was the beginning of the struggle and challenge in Marlon Dinos’s artistic march, a track that valued for the skills and capacity, the persistence and concentration on enriching the repertoire. In the 2001-2002 season he was in Vienna, to be later accommodated in Munich. “Current status as the first soloist at the State Theater in Munich makes me proud of contributing to one of the most listening companies in Europe,” says Marlon Dino for DW. Involved in this ballet theater, he used to buil a rich collection of roles in world-wide masterpieces like “Lady of Camel”, “Don Quixote”. “Romeo and Zhuljeta”, “Swan Lake”, “Sleeping Beauty” etc. “The role that has changed life on stage and I consider it one of the top  of the career is Onegin’s piece of J. Cranko,”- says Marlon. It was a debut followed by franatic applause from the Bavarian audience and with his partner in the show, Lucia Lacarra. After that, Marlon has interpreted dozens of key roles for which he has received many critical criticisms. There have also been no labels such as “one of the best partners in the world” (Zvetlana Zahkarova), while “Dance Europe” magazine for the years 2008, 2010 and 2013 has declared Marlon Dinon as “The best ballerina in the world “. For Onegin’s performance she won the “Rosen Schtraus des Jahres” in Munich. The ballet takes most of the energies, but Marlon tries to create a variation in everyday life. He is fond of information technology and of new digital devices. His interests go further in the depths of Bavarian and German culture in general, so doesn’t t miss the chance to attend the diverse cultural and artistic calendar there. He gets in touch with new colleagues and public figures. He has been working as a model for brands and companies known as Armani, Zegna, Baldasari, Prada, Gucci, etc. The same as performing on the stage where he uses to “speak” and conveys the artist’s world with the language of movement, Marlon Dino conceives the rhythm of life, traveling over and over again from one country to another. Trips, contests, shows in different stages of the world, performances, managers contacts – all this full agenda – does not take him away from home. In early 2012 he had a brilliant debut in Tirana in the role of Albert in “Zhizel” , a collaboration with maestro Agron Alia and with the partner at the show Greta Hushi. Marlon has a mature thought for the Albanian ballet. “We have a strong technique and school, but unfortunately it is from the 60s. In my opinion it is essential for the Albanian school to adopt the techniques of the European school that it has evolved a lot especially in recent years, “says DW, considering as hopeful the nomination at the Tirana Opera and Ballet Theater in Tirana, Albanian dancer Ilir Kerni,  as an opportunity for collaborations and projects in the future. “As i usual keep telling, I like to dance for the Albanian audience. You know, at the bottom of my heart, i am Albanian. “

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