Interview with the tireless Takuina Adami

A few days ago, at the end of January, took place the Pianist Duets Meeting. It was held at the new Toni Harapi Concert Hall of the Jordan Misja Artistic Lyceum.

Organized by the London-based Epta-Albania Association, it is led by Vice/director of the Artistic Lyceum “Jordan Misja”, Klodi Zheji. In this 3-day meeting it took part 170 attendees from our music schools and from students who love music coming from other schools.

On the front page of the brochure of the participants, unlike other years, we see the prize-winning pictures of the participants of its first edition 2011, where we come across students studying.

Inside, we face the greeting speech of Mrs Takuina Adami today’s “President of Honor”, who has been running this association for 21 years, being both the creator of this event and the 25th edition of the Young Pianist Festival as well as the Festival.of Youth for Culture, that this year celebrates  its 14th edition.

Opusalb – Mrs. Adami, how do you feel now at the end of this edition, 10 years later after the first one? Can you tell us what about your memoirs do you preserve from the first one?

Takuina Adami – It’s a great pleasure to see such a large group of  young pianists playing with pleasure, where it was felt to increase the level of realization of their program!

– Regarding the first memories ….. they were bitter.

I had been communicating with all teachers for two years but i there were no result.

The first year there was almost empty …

But in the second year we managed to perform a dignified concert in the “Tefta Tashko” Hall of the Ministry of Culture where students with well-known teachers such as Keti Qosja, Irena Mehilli from Shkodra and Anita Vezuli  from the Artistic Lyceum and my students. Besides the parents to  assist the participants was the Belgian pianist and composer Paul Peters. At the end he congratulated us. So it would be the third year, 2011 that was successfully accomplished with the participation of Tirana and Durres and Shkodra.

Opusalb – So you have long insisted on performing and Piano Duets, what pushed you?

Takuina Adami -The piano, being the first instrument after the orchestra, gives the opportunity to perform two or three people to feel comfortable on a piano, as well as giving composers the opportunity to create solo works or for two pianos,  so it give the possibility to  four or even five pianists  to perform giving a colorful sound atmosphere.

Takuina Adami – Such was the last time the EPTA-Albania 20th Anniversary Concert in 2016, conducted by renowned pianists and directors Desar Sulejmani along with concertmaster Herton Mikeli, student Jonida Lazellari and with the two Artistic Lyceum ex-students the pianists Rejsi Prosi and Iva Zurbo.

Currently, pianist duets play an important role in the musical education of students. They increase the sensitivity of each accompanying individual by following both the melodic and the rhythmic lines in the execution of the work. As such, it serves to better understand the phrase character of the work, preparing them for their future role not only as soloists, but also for their collaboration with the instrumentalist.

Opusalb – How did you  experience the 10th Anniversary of this event that keeps involving  young pianists?

Takuina Adami – After the shock we experienced with the November 26 earthquake, we avoided the annual date, mid-December. The event  took place in the warm New Year’s atmosphere, but the participants number and the teachers preparation level were satisfying.

The concert of the participants opened with the greeting of the Director of the Artistic Lyceum Mrs. Valbona Gavelli, after which the crowded hall of the parents and the 95 participants played for two days. Among them there 3 participants of 5 years old.

There were also participants playing with their peers like brothers Albeon and Redon Sula, who played together, but also with Simone Gjoka, works by Can-can by Offenbah, Rondo by Weber, op3 6, Diabeli, Sonata op. 54 no. 2 and W. A. ​​Mozart— Turkish Marsh. The jury headed by the experienced teacher Anita Vezuli together with the other members awarded the Diplomas with encouraging evaluations, along with the organizer Etleva Turkeshi giving everyne the event brochure.

But the category of music school students was also more qualitative than last year, whose curriculum is tailor-made, generally with two parts of different characters. The jury for this group was led by the well-known pianist Prof, asc Merita Rexha and experienced teachers Prof. Asc Pranvera Xhoxhi and EPTA-s President, Klodi Zheji who awarded Prizes (1st, 2nd and 3rd) to the participants to encourage  their further achievements.
Divided by age, we were impressed by the mass attendance of elementary school students especially from 3 music schools from  Tirana,  Durres and Korca where they were significantly evidenced; Lumia Ajsu Bora and Markus Shalsi from kl. of I and Alexa Kondakci kl II and Iri Peto with Mattia Gianpietro, kl. 4th.

The students of the 9 years old were worthy presenting the students of Kl. 5th Era Kume with works Dvorak – “Dumka” and Dvorak – “Slovanik dance” and Claudia Gjini kl. VII of teacher Ilda Memea with works; J.. Rossini – Tarantela and A. Khachaturian – “Saber dance” 9 Jurgen Alia of teacher Hermina Bogdo with Dance no. 5 by Brahms and “Two Guitars” by Rusian folk music.
But at a satisfactory level was the duet of middle schoolers Esther Prendi and Estel Jatru with the two-time sonata of Paul Walter Furst, teachers of teachers Adelina Mula and Andamira Kaponja.

Opusalb – Do you think you have reached the goal?

Takuina Adami – Not yet ……… (laughs)
-This year I did not expect the low participation from the high school students, it is perhaps due to the fact of changing the traditional Duets date ………
– And the most important is, and is pointing out, the absence of  four-hands pianist-works of our composers. Initially, in order to help the participants in collaboration with the teacher Irena Mehilli from Shkodra, we realized a book with classic, romantic and contemporary authors where we put together a really beautiful song of Prof. Ramadan Sokoli. But this genre seems to be completely absent from our composers.
On this occasion, I urge all creators, as far as they can, to create each one of them a work to serve our young people to absorb the “nectar” of our beautiful music!
In conclusion, I congratulate the teachers who prepared the participants and in particular congratulate the organizers of this event, who successfully managed and realized that prosperous participation with young piano talents.


Takuina Adami
                                                                    Honorary President of EPTA-Albania

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