Inside the world of a ballet dancer, interview with Krisi Dalipi

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Krisi Dalipi is one of the dancers of the Albanian Theater of Opera and Ballet. After graduating in the Academy of Arts- Tirana, here it comes some  achievements  like TV contests, training “Ajkun Ballet Theater”in New York and recently the soloist at the Opera and Ballet Theater. We talked to Krisi, about his actual ballet experience and his future projects.

What is your artistic path now?

K.D. “I grew up among classical ballet and dancing classes  ever since i was very young. The moment I entered the ballet school and the Academy of Arts came.  Within this time I participated in ballet competitions, for example in ‘Star Academy’ talent show or ‘E diell’ where used to be  ranked first. I was trained in New York at the “Ajkun BalletTheater ” where I was very well represented and I am very pleased. Recently i am part of Opera and Ballet Theater, Tirana.  I hope to be part of soloists based on the roles I’ve done. ”

What about your most special moments?

K.D. “The first one is when I was 12, at a sporting event in Montenegro when me and my partner had a fight together. After the competition,  at the moment of awarding, we were called to withdraw the first prize. Another special moment is undoubtedly being awarded with the first prize in the “Star Academy” talent show. That used to be one of the biggest tv shows at that time, whose producer mrs. Zana Cela is actually the director of the theater where i work.  A very beautiful emotion was when I realized that i was going to be the soloist in  “A Summer evening dream” ballet a thing that was going to be done in New York. Finally, the trust given to me by the  Opera and Ballet Theater being selected to play in many soloist roles for great ballets”.

In your opinion how does emotion affect a dancer’s performance?

K.D. “Luckily It has  always been good  because I’ve worked hard to be very good at the show”.

How do you remember your childhood regarding the ballet?

K.D. “It started with my sister Livia, she is a ballerina too. And used to  follow  my sister when the was training, that is how  the desire to enter the dance course started. I remember, my first professor Llaqi Nako  told my family that it is necessary  to me to continue with the ballet. “Every time I see Krisi coming to see his sister I never see him sitting, but always tring  to catch the movements. It seems that he is vero of ballet “. And so it took a couple of days and I enrolled in the course. Thanks to my family which has a been e great support i had many opportunities, and I am endlessly grateful for this”.

What about a ballerin lifestyle, comparing the others, do you have any kind of daily restriction?

K.D. “A dancer must hold a lot of regime. It is not allowed to smoke, or drink alcohol even that   many of them use to do that.  You need to be very careful if you want to move forward”.

What is the role you would like to interpret mostly?

K.D. “All the ballet stories are beautiful stories.  Among the roles that stand out are more it is  the boy at “Carmina Burana” and Prince at “Lake of Swans “.

Which are the key words for you in a dancer’s career?

K.D..”Work, intelligence and pleasure”.

What about your future plans?

K.D.”I have my dance courses,  everyone  can find me in social networks. I wish to be a soloist  at the Opera Theater and why not i wish to debut at any theater in Europe or America. My dream always remains Broadway in New York. Broadway is my biggest dream which i wish  it can come true,  to make proud my mother  who does not live any longer”.



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