“In the deepest memories 2017”

“In the deepest memories 2017” would be the name of the concert which was organized by the Municipality of Shkodra and the “Arte” Foundation on the occasion of year-end holidays and, despite the Mayor’s arguments which was interested in frosting this concert with some political flavor, this beautiful word got a valid meaning, not only of what was told about it, but about what happened inside it.

Just so to clarify! I am more than convinced that this concert will remain in the memories of all guests and its scenes will come back to everyone’s mind as sweet pieces from the past due to that fascinating touch they had with the very talented violinist from Shkodra, whose performance made everybody rise in blissful applause. This applause was the harvest of his brilliant performance in which Shkodra felt or recognized his own blood. Elvin Hoxha Ganijev, who today runs by the name “The Albanian Paganini” or “The Golden Violinist”, made an appearance by portraying Felix Mendelssohn and did so by delineating his excellent technical apparatus and expressed a special musical sensitivity that made you admire him further more. The skills of this young violinist and his deepest passion that were read in his eyes and performance clearly speaks of a very bright future. We are speaking of a concert that we will surely bring to mind now and then and preserve it in our deepest memories, while the musical world will mention its name in superlatives.

 Last night’s concert not only will be remembered for its outstanding performance but it will also for the presence of the prominent conductor Noorman Widjaja, which imposes impressions not only due to his activities on some continents but also with individual and fruitful communication with the orchestra and even with the public.
This concert will remain in our memories for a very long time after experiencing the amzing performance of the soloists: Frano Lufi (basin), Armando Lika (tenor) and of course the elegance of the young singer Niki Mjeda.
The presence of the RTSH Orchestra in Shkodra and its influence on most of the works that it executed was to be appreciated, but for the sake of the general opinion it must also be present in many of the country’s cities with programming in its concert calendar.
Even I personally will be remembering this concert for a very long time after experiencing a re-acquaintance with the talented cello player, Hajredin Hoxha, after more than 30 years, who had remained the same but a much more completed person. In addition to his well-respected and well-deserved work as an artist, he is sufficed and very proud to be known even simply as Elvin Hoxha’s father.
And to conclude such an emotional nucleus I must not leave unmentioned my short but very pleasant acquaintance with Elvin few minutes after the concert. I was impressed by his remorse for not being able to speak well Albanian language, the respect he shared for all of his father’s achievements and the sparkle in his smart eyes when he talked about his safe future even though he was only 20 years old. Also it would be inconsiderate of me to not mention the simplicity of this concert’s organizer, the talented pianist Klevis Gjergji who, although the concert had ended successfully, he had not forgotten to see it with a critical eye.


Nestor Kraja
Composer and professor at “Tirana’s University of Arts”


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5 Responses

  1. Indri S says:

    “Koncerti do të mbahet mend gjatë personalisht edhe për takimin pas më shumë se 30 vitesh me violonçelistin e talentuar Hajredin Hoxha“

    Z. Kraja, Hajredin Hoxha e mahniti publikun shkodran ne Koncertin “Dallendyshe ulu me pushue “ as 4 vite me perpara, me 23 Prill 2014.
    Informohu mire per ca shkrun here te tjera..😉

  2. Indri S says:

    Jo ne fakt nuk e lexova une mire. Ju leekoj falje.

  3. Përshëndetje Indri S! Pa problem, pranohet ndjesa! Faleminderit për komentin! Një vit të mbarë!

  4. Shkrim me shume profesionalizem
    Nestorin e njoh qe prej viteve 1974 ose 75 ,qe ne fillim si nje nxenes shembullor dhe pastaj si pianist shume i talentuar
    Djale shume i zoti dhe me dhunti te rralla , por si gazetar dhe kritik nuk e njihja me thene te verteten.Me vjen keq qe biseduam shume pak mbas koncertit por gjithmone me iden se “ me mire vone se kurre”
    Edhe redaksise opusalb Urime dhe nga zemra Gezuar dhe per shume vjet Vitin e Ri 2018!

  5. Faleminderit për komentin dhe urimin z. Hoxha! Suksese dhe ju për Elvinin! Urime dhe një vit të mbarë për ju dhe familjen!

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