Hamide Stringa

Hamide Stringa, singer, teacher, historian and music critic, was born in 1932 in the city of Elbasan, Albania. She comes from a large family of Elbasan, with a father educated at the Military Academy in Istanbul, Turkey. Hamide Stringa known as lecturer’s participant in the first ten State Conservatory of Tirana. She worked together with colleagues and other musicians, including the director of the Conservatory future, musicologist Albert Paparisto. This group of musicians set up at the Ministry of Education of the time, under the direction of composer Nikolla Zoraqi, who became the first to open high school musical in Albania. As a founding professor of the History of Music in Albanian area H. Stringa was director and co-author of textbooks of the History of World Music I-IV, co-author of history Textbooks of Albanian Music. She is the author of many theoretical and critical articles on music, as well as the mono-graphic publications: World History of Music (v. I-IV), Lola Gjokaand Jorgjia Truja.

Her  life and work experience

Prof. Hamide Stringa, at a young age stood out for skills in literacy. She was a brave girl, with courage and will to overcome any difficulties. Hamide Stringa born in Elbasan in 1932, studied at Lyceum “Jordan Misja” under Jorgjia Truja and then continued her studies at the Conservatory “Tchaikovsky” in Moscow, Russia  for singing, which sang in several operas as Figaro (in the role of Susanna),  etc. From 1956-1962 ahe worked at the TOB and the establishment of the State Conservatory of Tirana in 1962, began working as a professor of Music History, later canto and chamber music. Some years she held the office of Chief of the Cathedral. At this time she began to appear in literary and artistic press, later in RTSH programs, on issues of Albanian and world music.

Consolidation of high school musical and sensitive development that took Albanian music after 60s, created the necessity of drafting the text of the history of music. Prof. Hamide Stringa was one of the promoters of this important undertaking. In the early 1980s he began to work as co-author of the text of History of Albanian Music (two volumes, 1983), and later was editor responsible for four volumes, Source History of World Music (1987). Years later (2000-2002) she published four volumes of its integral text of the History of World Music, with one of which won first prize as “The Music Study History Book, in Albanian language”. At this period she published  two mono-graphic publications about pianist and singer Albanian artist, Lola Gjoka and Jorgjie Truja.

Besides teaching and research activity, she has been an active figure of the Albanian musical life, especially during the period 1962-1973. In 1962, the Second Congress of the Union of Writers and Artists, she was elected a member of the leadership function of Secretary for Music. She held this office until 1973. Passion, perseverance, love for the profession as well as peer assessment, they did not reduced the areas of action. She was the guest lecturer at the University of Arts in 2012. In 2015, at the request of the Faculty of Music, University of Arts forwarded the proposal to its decoration by the President of the Albanian Republic.

In her long career teaching, Prof. Hamide Stringa, along with power management professional courses in music history, has provided valuable contributions as a professor of young students in the singing career. With admirable passion and culture really professional, it has exercised this task by preparing several generations of singers, among whom some have made their name both inside and outside the country, Manjola Nallbani, Vikena Kamenica, Linda Kazani ect.

Hamide Stringa, a petite but strong woman with a great spiritual world, today modestly smiles as she admits her satisfaction in life, because everything she has achieved through hard work. She still sings with the same passion, with the same intonated voice.

As we recognize her life and career, she is absolutely a real example of those who seek success. Her life makes as reflect on Albanian music and musicians.

Although a small country, Albania has increased its ‘seed’ in the garden of beautiful flowers, among which the most beautiful one, is the graceful Hamide Stringa.

  By: Matilda Gjika

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    Personalisht e mbaj mend kur ligjeronte gjithe pasion dhe kompetence. Kur analizonte deri ne detaje operat apo veprat simfonike. Mund ta kujtoj vetem nenkete deciture: E mrekullueshme.

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