From a good friend’s letter

From lots of messages we get they give us the pleasure of receiving beautiful news, stories that raise our national pride, that complement us with cultural information, or update them. Thus they make us feel respected for the level of the relationship on which the dialogue and its cultured way is decided. This is impressive when we think of the place we live where the conversation is replaced by the irony.

There is no need for “suspense” so i am telling that it is about a message I received from one of the cultural people of our country from one of the most well-known violinists and certainly one of the most active Albanians in the cultural life of Spain – the violinist Florian Vlashi.

Someone may think:”Well, of course it is Florian. He is pretty known.”

But there are probably thousands who do not know him who seems to consider him as he is from another planet. To me although I did not know him very long before so i do not have any nostalgia for him as a character. I just appreciated him from what he does, the way he does and the ideas he performs.

To be more concrete: in his message, after a sincere thanks, he told me about a project of the University of Santiago, which has handed over the music archive of “one of the greatest Spanish violinists: Andres Gaos “This is what reminds me of the famous” Santiago di Kampostella “church as well as the old and prestigious university. The year 2019 is the year of Gaos and his violin will be heard for the first time in 60 years, “he writes.

As simple as modest, without saying it directly, Florian communicates to me that it was him selected to perform for the first time, after 60 years with this violin. Simply said, this may seem common but if you think a little bit you realize that his personality in Spain as a violinist and a man of culture is indisputable. And it fills me with pride and admiration for the compatriot that is so appreciated by a country of distinguished culture, but immediately I felt sorry: He simply told me that this year he will organize concerts of his famous “Biennial”, as he writes: on August 1 – 7, but from the subtext I realized that this Festival was not supported by our Ministry of Culture. His words, “What does not kill you, make you stronger,” hurt me. He did not complain about it, but I felt sorry for the disrespect to a festival that has consistently brought new ideas, contemporary profiles, and interpreting levels from the highest in the country. I’ve always wondered why it does not happen every year. But as we are used with the disrespect for the art, the artist and values i hugged the silence.

– I will write more about this year theme – he says, and of course after the recent memory of the Quartet’s Quatuor pour la fin du temps, miraculously performed two years ago at his Festival and of the excellent idea of this elite activity i started to reflect on what I would learn this year.

So from a friend’s letter you can get some information that fill you with pleasure, but that also tells about your country’ ignorance, desperate, and demotivation to enjoy the beauties of this world.


Nestor Kraja

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