Famous Asian Violinists

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    Violinist Kyung Wha Chung in her all-Bach recital at Carnegie Hall, New York - 18 May 2017.
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The violin has a long and prosperous history that spans decades. The list of famous violinist from all over the world is long because the violin is one of the most versatile instruments there is. In addition to the huge number of popular classical violinists like Pablo de Sarasate, Niccolo Paganini, and Yehudi Menuhin, there are also as many jazz, folk and bluegrass violinists.

The list of famous Asian violinists is certainly not short either with the likes of Kyung-wha Chung dominating the Asian violin circles. Asian musicians have dominated the concert stage for years so it is not unusual to come across a number of hugely successful Asian violinists.

It is true that Asians are well represented in various fields, in which they excel, and classical music is no different. The number of Asians making a name for themselves in the music industry has risen over the years with more and more notable players leading the way for novices to follow. To get you acquainted with them, here is a list of famous Asian violinists:

9 Famous Asian Violinists You Should Know

Kyung-wha Chung                           South Korean violin player

Vanessa-Mae                                   British violin player born in Singapore

Midori Gotō                                     Japanese born American violin player

Akiko Suwanai                                 Japanese classical violinist

Ryu Gotō                                           Japanese classical violinist

Daishin Kashimoto                           best Japanese classical violinists

Chisako Takashima                           born in Tokyo Japan

Dong-Suk Kang                                 South Korean artist

Joo Yeon Sir                                      British violin player born in South Korea


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