Editorial May 2017

When we were young, an intelligent and sharp friend of ours, used to tell us: Come guys, I have some lies to tell you: and we would all gather up and listen to his fantasies with great pleasure, fantasies of a musician that was born with the skill of improvising. As it seems, being born in a time which did not serve us many lies, we sought “sanctuary” and condolence in the world of fantasies. This was the fate of our generation, a generation called today by the name of “dictatorship”. But, in spite of growing up in that sort of environment we were always fond of the truth and truthfulness, something that even now days people try hard to “sell it” to us. The difference today is that, we are not being lied to by some child’s innocence. Now days, deceit has become more refined, shabby, humiliating, suffocating and everywhere to be found…. and the more it changes color the more we fall in love with the Truth.

This is exactly what our portal’s Opusal.com mission has been since the beginning, being True to its audience. (And this is what our web portal has been trying to offer for about three months of operating online). Now, being more certain in the preparation and refinery of the news, more clear on where to address our critics, more confident in the fact that our articles, comments and information is being followed by even larger groups of audience, encourages us to set even higher and ambitious objectives. Now we are going to be focusing, not only on what happens on the field of music and ballet but mostly/especially on the concrete analysis and critics of what happens.

Precisely, the truth we share is what makes us confident that we will sound interesting. We are certain that we will be followed even further and certain that we will transmit or offer a sort of contribution. If we will not be able to break through the oppressing pressure of deceit, even then will we affirm Truth same as Eco’s “Opera aperta”: through the amazing examples brought to us from real local and worldwide artists. Their examples shall be and shall remain the true ideal of young people, which’s mission is to change the clime of deceit of our place.

This is why we drop a note to all young people, to break away from the narcosis of deceit and come join us.



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