Editorial 7

We are almost sure that the reaction to criticism comes from the past on the way to the future. This reaction, performed in many ways, from silence to articulation-shifting, from disbelief to insults, is manifested as instant reaction, but often leaves a double sign. It allows the idea of the suggested change by the critique itself and the sign of the wound coming from its reaction. Then what is the criticism worthy if it leaves negative trace? This is why many of us are scared of criticism, even when we are convinced that it leave us a positive thinking on the way of identifying a problem suggesting a solution to it.

Opusalb magazine is determined to continue the journey in both ways: to support the past and present positive figures and phenomena and to criticize any phenomena that need to be change, trying suggesting the ways to it. We decided to speak simply, clearly and briefly, aiming to communicate with every reader without upsetting anyone with unworthy philosophy. We are aware that some of our thoughts will not be understood, or will be mistreated, turning into negative meanings, but still we will continue to stand our ideas. We would be happy to discuss them and find their meaning and solution.

Generally speaking there are probably many ways of criticism, but we chose to follow this one: Criticism, according to which we wish to present a sample, a kind of relationship structure, an example researched by the selection of our knowledge’s by which it seems to be as very efficient.  So let’s try to suggest a fruitful example to adapt and develop. While in this process we cannot think of all the details like: Will that one who will be penalized by the suggested competitive structure feel better?

We never thought that our idea is the only one that can be used. We never thought that it is the salvation of the situation, but we are confident that our thinking comes from the good will to change the situation and from the need to oxygenate the situation we are facing.

As we act according to the phrase: “Our life ends the day that we will be silent “!


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2 Responses

  1. Artisti says:

    Me gjithe respektin qe kam per pedagogun Kraja dhe nuk dua te replikoj me te,dua te them qe kurre me pare Kori dhe Baleti nuk kane qene me te sinkronizuar se kjo shfaqje dhe jane mare urime personale nga shume art dashes te pranishem. Eshte punuar ne ambjente te pa pershtatshme provash dhe salla e pallatit te kongreseve nuk eshte e pershtatshme per Opera por eshte dhene maksimumi nga i gjithe produksioni per te nxjerre me te miren! Pastaj cdo gje eshte me shije dhe fati juaj eshte qe menaxhoni kete faqe web dhe ipni mendimin tuaj personal,por ju siguroj qe ky nuk eshte mendimi i cdo art dashesi!

  2. I nderuar Arist! Së pari kjo faqe nuk është personale por e hapur për të gjithë ata që do të duan të parashtrojnë mendimet e tyre këtu, brenda etikës dhe edukatës qytetare. Stafi ynë çdo artikullshkrues në këtë reviste. Kështu janë të mirëpritur të gjithë ata që kanë mendime të kundërta dhe me argumente parashtrojnë idetë e tyre të ndryshme. Por mendoj se, në respekt të spektatorit nuk mund të gjykohet përmes justifikimeve të ambjenteve apo të çfarëdo elementi tjetër.

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