Editorial 5

We’ve just enclosed the fourth month since “Opusalb.com” started the activity. Today we can proudly say that we succeeded to be followed by a return audience of 46% and new one of 54%. We are going to write in brief how “Opusalb.com” is followed by Google Analytic point.

During the 4 months we observe that we have been  followed by 114 different countries of the world. Certainly in the first place is Albania with 5000 followers every month. They for sure are musicians, ballet dancers, and choreographic or music arts lovers.

 In the second place we find Kosovo with 3200 followers per month. For the Kosova readers’ interest on music and arts in general, we may need to be more attentive to their activities. In the third place, surprisingly, there has been for long our readers from England with 825 followers monthly. We do not think they are all Albanians, but we think that they are also local readers thanks to the use of English language on the website.

In the fourth place we find Italy with 609 followers per month. On our opinion the readers may be our artists who used to move in Italy years ago as well as their Italian friends. In the fifth place we find USA with 592 followers, followed by Germany with 497 ones. It is interesting that the next country ranked is Indonesia where we do not think there are 438 people from Albania!  This opinion is also stressed by the ongoing state with 309 followers, who are from India.

May we think that there may be any Albanians in India? Following is Macedonia, where there are only 293 followers per month and we think that we should draw more attention on music and ballet events in this country, as long as there are a lot of Albanians living there. In our opinion “opusalb” is followed much by our non Albanian readers especially when from google analytic we see 271 followers per month coming from Australia. After this country we find a list of followers from other countries like France, Greece, the Philippines, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Spain, Turkey, the Netherlands, Serbia, Belgium, New Zealand, Romania, Pakistan, Sweden, Bangladesh, Brazil, Croatia, Singapore, Malaysia, up to 114 countries all around the world. We are convinced that “Opusab.com” will add its followers with its seriousness, the constructive criticism and the selected information. In the future we need to be more attentive on the activities happening in Albanian speaking areas or on our Albanian artists wherever they live. Actually we have the pleasure to point out that our readers are increasing every day, reaching up to 900 readers per day. Our ambition, judging by the narrow range of the activity of a critical magazine, is to remain serious, true to the visionary ideas that help developing Albanian music. We know that readers often just take a look at the photos of the information or writings, but our job is to offer them not fancy headlines, nor “scoop”, but the best part of the culture that will surely interest you. Despite the terms of a zero economic benefit, we will continue the path we begun with patience, seriousness and confidence hoping that what is raised will be appreciated!


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