Echoes of Anyla Kraja’s “Treasures of the Heart” show in Rome

The day after the show “Treasures of the Heart” that our violinist Anyla Kraja organized at Rome’s Quirino Theater, there a lot of articles  came out. One of them published  in “Il Foyer” (one of the most up-to-date media on  Rome’shows and artistic events) name the show as “An intimate and  very fine show”.

Here’s the translation of this article:

Saturday, on December 14, 2019, the Teatro Quirino hosted the world premiere of an artistic event of great cultural value: “I tesori del cuore”, a show conceived by the famous Albanian violinist Anyla Kraja. An intimate and refined show that also wanted to represent the solidarity and the closeness of art of the attendees with Albania and with the proud Albanian people, severely hit  by the earthquake of last November 26 which took the lives of 51 people.

“The treasures of the heart” is a small jewel that has harmoniously encapsulated in a single performance the four different languages ​​of art: music, dance, acting up to visual art, through the lights curated by the light designer Pino Quini.

As the title suggests, the main theme of the show is all that the heart is able to express. The heart which, not by chance, is the first organ of the human being which is formed at the dawn of embryonic life and which becomes the translator of all our feelings in our earthly existence. Because here the heart is understood as the soul and the human spirit able to give answers to all the existential questions that our mind puts us, if only we let the god who is inside each of us speak and that is called “love for the life”.

The deep and intense text of the show is written by the director Angela Ceruti and by the Albanian actor and performer, who used to live since as he was a child in Italy, Alen Xhafa. The musical part is entrusted to the mastery of a duo of the highest value: the Maestro Fausto Di Cesare, one of the most distinguished pianists in the Italian music scene, and Anyla Kraja, a world-famous violinist who has often put his art at the service of causes social. The magical and at times poignant notes of the violin and the piano on the stage have been transformed into the silent language of dance thanks to the elegant and refined choreographies of etoile Diana Ferrara (already interpreter of a splendid Giselle alongside Rudolf Nureyev). The seven good dancers of his company Astra Roma Ballet, despite their young age have been able to satisfy the various musical canons with great mastery and technical precision, in a now poignant and melancholic way, now joyful and lively. In this indissoluble and successful link between music and dance, the poetic and light acting of Alen Xhafa has been able to take the viewer by the hand to lead him to rediscover the true principles of human existence, which often escape us due to lack of time or distraction. In an almost Buddhist vision, he urges us to be aware of every moment of our lives without losing sight of the essential: living everyday life so that our thoughts, our actions and our words are always manifestations of a positive attitude and gentle towards the cosmos and towards others. Particularly touching is the moment in which the famous “Schindler’s list” theme  by John Williams is played and danced masterfully, with the moving words of Xhafa wondering: “If sometimes a life is not enough time to love where do we find time to hate?”

At the end of the show, after the long, warm and well-deserved applause of the audience, you leave  the theater with a feeling of fullness and lightness together, the feeling of having an extra treasure in your heart.


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