Downgrading aspects of music criticisms

Now days music is like an opened crack for everybody and it does not matter whether you are talented or not, whether you have studied this field or not and whether you truly understand it. It has become e global phenomenon. No matter how much free time you dedicate to reading piles of music articles or different writings in the media or magazines, finding a detailed discussion about music, is very rare. Technical knowledge about art is slowly vanishing from arguments and nobody is giving the right space to professional analysis upon music or art in general. In a nutshell, music critics have transformed in relation to the lifestyle or “artists”.

After doing some research online about music in order to provide some information upon artists, can you guess what I found out? In fact, I found out much more than I expected to. I found out what artists wear (or in most cases, what they don’t wear). From the updates on their love life, I found out where they are spending their summer vacations. I read updates upon the legal procedures of rich and famous artists (the latter more on foreign celebrities than Albanian ones). I inquired information upon their favorite foods and the traveling routines of these “VIP-s”, as we Albanians call it. I also read something about album reviews from “critics”, telling us how “hot”, “sexy” and “wild” our “VIP-s” are and that how “crazy” is their lifestyle or their physical appearance is judging by the fact how much plastic surgery is trending now days.

Well, generally, a reviewer is supposed to mention what instruments concluded in an album, but no, the “tiring” details are simply skipped. I was not able to find a single convincing analysis about the repertoire of X singer in any of his concerts or vocal performances, not a single discussion upon his song structures, harmonies or techniques that were used.

Who knows, maybe it is forbidden for critics to discuss music or articles about musicians merely because it may be that people are losing their interest! Judging by what I have been reading, they crave scandals and shows. Of course, artists who offer this have the most views and clicks, they have the most “fame” (doesn’t matter what sort of fame, good or bad) and certainly make a buzz and not only… it seems like talent in music is a curse not a blessing or a gift, because no one ever speaks about it.

The vanishing of critic evaluation from spaces reserved for music can be noticed after having a look at all the modern media spectrum. Paper pages have shrink and “suffocated” and many experienced music critics are left aside, especially in categories such as jazz, classical music, which have a long story of wise and cultured criticism. Television, regarding music is even less reflective, focusing more in scandals and launching all kinds of songs which cannot be considered as such, with the exception of some cases were they’re obliged to discuss music at all means.

While radios offer high quality comments about artists and music. But let’s not be pessimistic, some wise criticisms flourish in some cases, but among the noisy of these self made “international VIP-s”, their voices drown.

The time when music was a way of self-defining and “play it as you wished” is very little remembered.  To most people, music has spread its roots into their lives, with massages and emotions not like today where they have no ideas, no thoughts and not even lyrics.

Criticisms, covers a small part of the music business, but a crucial part that should be developing in parallel with artistic production. Without a wise, independent and professional criticism everything loses its meaning and all that is left is their clips “luxury” and their mania for money. We have already witnessed where this gets you. It is never too late to tidy this mess, but this will not happen unless critics do their job and work as professionals, leaving aside the collection of rumors and start focusing seriously in art and music without being influenced from anyone and having their freedom of speech. Opusalb is struggling to influence as much as possible in this regard, trying everyday to fill the minds of the reader with information and constructive criticism.

Music is part of the culture and meaning of the life of our young people’s future, and we should help these young people to see the world of colors and light that only a good music conveys.


Matilda Gjika

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