Critics on the last concert in Durrës

Being announced at the beginning of the Classic Music Evenings Biennial 2017 this concert used to have a special meaning of a certain importance beyond this nights event.  It is not common to our concerts to be based on 20th-century music, nor being based on the best one. Usually our concerts use to tend into the music of entertaining character as if we are not having enough of the music that with its ignorance is being streaming from every sound-emitting device.

The concert started with the famous work, but never performed in Albania called the “Fratres” of the Estonian composer Arvo Pert, who belongs to the minimalist mystical direction in today’s music, being at the same the most sold out composer up to date.

This work was performed by Florian Vlashi and the pianist Daniel del Pino, who in the mystical silence of the work, revealed the virtuosity, the inner impulse and the fragile cantilena.

From the organizing point of view this work presented the general idea of ​​the concert, which, according to Vlashi, was the dialogue among the momentum and the eternity inside us.

This idea stands on Pert’s work as well. The silence that prevailed in the large hall filled with centuries-old statues was the expression of a communication and breathing standing in unison with music. This was felt in all the young people of Durrës and the foreign tourists attending the concert.

The Masian quartet, above which we used to  publish before, was at the center of this concert not only for the weight but also for its length in 45 minutes. This quartet was performed by Florian Vlashi, violin, Florent Charpentier, clarinet, Ruslana Prokopenko, cello, and Daniel del Pino, piano.

The four instrument players testified their belonging to the high level and experienced artists in the music of the century. They created special musical strokes, through a compact way of performing of an accurate and thoughtful sounding.  Although the Quartet is an engaging work and difficult to follow, according to my opinion the professional performance full of instrumentalists’ emotions didn’t tire the audience. On the contrary, they were fully applauding the show!

The events Florian Vlashi use to organize are a good example to follow, even that i still stand the idea that we do not have to hesitate to repeat again and again that the Albanian music, just to move forward from the actual point of remaining must be part of the concerts programs. All the event organizers need to do that! It seems that this idea fits with Messian works that even in prison, broke the moment’s frontiers to obtain the value and to remain eternal in time!

/Nestor Kraja/

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3 Responses

  1. Avni Hoxha says:

    ndoshta duhej ven theksi me shum ke teknika e inst,per gjithsecilin,pp,cresc.deeu ff dhe decresc.deri ne ppp te cl,vl,cele e te tjera Nestor,megjithate ju pergezoi per cka na sollet permes kritikes suaj cilesore permjet opus-it tuaj te mrekullushem.congratulazione amico mio

  2. Rudi says:

    Thjeshte per info , ne kete festival ka qene para ca ditesh dhe recitali i Duo-s Gaqi.

  3. Po faleminderit per informacionin! Po ashtu per info, ne i kemi kushtuar ketij aktiviteti qe u zhvillua ne 8 nete, 6 artikuj qe nga njoftimi i fillimit te tij deri te mbyllja. Mjaftueshem besojme!

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