Commemorative Concert for Zadeja

On the Concert of  Opera and Ballet Theater on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the composer’s birthFriday evening on May 26-th 2017, The National Theater of Opera and Ballet,  organized a concert in Tirana with the participation of the choir and symphonic orchestra of TOKB, under the direction of Desar Sulejmani. The concert featured an artistic program,  of selected works by the creative opus of Zadar.

The concert was opened with the “Scanderbeg” film suite that Zadeja composed when he was still a student (in collaboration with Russian composer Georgy Sviridov). A composition with such beautiful and inspiring melodies, we can say that the orchestra brought it in a spirit and in a way of character interpretation. The conductor was very energetic and with a high sensitivity of interpretation.

At Suita from the “Dead River Ballet” The NOBTH’s orchestra brought into a good level of interpretation and artistic sensibility.

In fact, there was an artistic level of art, though in reality there were no  distinguished musicians in the concert, and why not even politicians and important personalities of the country.

Later the orchestra played “Three Symphony Sketches,” which Zadeja wrote in 1996, which is the last piece he has written. Interpreting the orchestra stirred the emotions of the general public, but not to the professional one. There were just a few problems with brass instruments, who were not sure in their solo parts and in the overall aspect of the work.”Hey! You Mountain “, was written in 1951, which was performed by the baritone Armando Likaj, is a rhapsodic narrative, where features and qualities of the legendary Albanian epic have been generalized. Soloist Likaj was involved in a dignified manner, with his distingueshed timbral and emotion followed during the entire work.The concert ended with “Symphony no. 1 “and at the same time, the first major work in Albanian music, written in 1956. Zadeja remains one of the most outstanding personalities of our national music.

/By Jesir Hoxha Student in Muzicologjy/

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