“By work, by sincerity and the works to realize in the future”

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A few days ago started in Tirana the Festival of Contemporary Dance. To open the festival was the “Between” show. This show will also take place tonight, in Prishtina at the Dodona Theater at 20.00.

Opusalb talked with one of the main protagonists of this show, Robert Nuha known by the artistic name NOA. We invite you to follow our conversation:

 Opusalb: Robert how can our readers find more about you?

R. NUHA: I am Robert Nuha from Kosovo, but for more than 5 years I have been living and working part time in Tirana! I have studied choreography  at the University of Arts (ALB), I continue to be a dancer at Albania Dance-Theater Company, founder and choreographer of the company Noa Dance-Theater Company and coordinator of the international contemporary dancing festival “Albania- Kosovo Dance Meeting “(RKS). I started dancing at the age of 9, initially folk and then street style, break dance, hip-hop, etc. After enrolling at UART, I had a good fortune to have a professor as prof. asc. Gjergj Prevazi who introduced us to contemporary dance methods, enabling us to get the first techniques from a well-known European choreographer and choreographer Katharina Machenka Horn, from whom I can say that with her professionalism she made me connect with this kind of dance that I continue to apply today in my works and my artistic collaboration!Up to date, I have had different collaborations with different Albanian and foreign artists, and I believe it is worth mentioning: Oded Ronen, Joel Bray, Nicholas Pett, Corinne Rochet, Katarzyna Gdaniec, Marco Cantalupo, Dino Mustafiq, Florent Mehmeti and others.

Opusalb: Can you mention some of your jobs that makes you proud of?

R. NUHA: From my work as a dancer, I appreciate that the performance “Without Blood” choreographed by Gjergj Prevazi has had a significant impact that I still continue to deal with this kind of dance, yet another job as a dancer can to emphasize the choreographed performance by Katharina Machenka Horn entitled “I Am a Man”. While among the performances I’ve been creative I can highlight the show “Ups and Downs” in Kosovo with the body of the “Noa Dance-Theater Company”, other performances as co-choreographers, which I consider to be serious work can emphasize “Let’s Go” with Fjorald Docin and “Winter Flowers” with Rosella Pellicciottin.

Opusalb: How did you get the idea of “Between” show: How it started?

R. NUHA: I consider that the international dance festival “Albania Dance Meeting”, the only one of its kind in Albania, has a great credit for the development of Albanian choreography, giving the opportunity to meet the latest research artistic in the world!The “Between” show in September last year we went together with Rosella Pellicciottin, Fjorald Docin and Melisa Becovic in Lausanne, Switzerland, concretely in the well-known company “Cie Linga” to launch the collaboration that this year is giving its feed-back in various scenes such as Geneva, Lausanne, Tirana, Durrës, Kosovo … the show is choreographed by Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo while the other dancers who are part of the show are Xaba Varga and Ai Koyama! Among the most deserving of such cooperation, for the festival and for the opening of new artistic alternatives in Albania and in the Balkans, I would appreciate the choreographer Prevazi!

Opusalb: What is your opinion about the ballet in Albania?

R. NUHA: I think we have a lot of talented dancers in the Albanian scene but also in the international scene, fortunately I think the national ballet troupe already has a long and relatively good experience in the Classical Ballet! But I believe that what we lack is another parallel parade to explore more in the contemporary approach, fortunately today we have a well-known choreographer in Europe such as Blenard Azizaj, Erjon Kruja, Igli Mejzini, Brigel Gjoka and many others working in Albania who, if they would had such a corps like the classic one, I believe they would have given an alternative to the Albanian scebe! Despite the fact that there are attempts by political representatives of Culture to move towards recent developments, but I believe that it needs more to be done!  So I think that based on the human potentials we have but also with economic developments, it is now the right time to do something more concrete in this regard!

Opusalb: What about your future plans?

R. NUHA: I have a lot of plans, but the most important to  me is to move as much as I can in different parts of the world and to perceive closely their choreographed searches, thus enriching my approach, my technique as well and the way of choreographed different parts in the future.One of my most recent aims is the creation of the first contemporary dancing company in Kosovo, “Noa Dance-Theater Company”, opening a new window for artists who want to try and challenge themselves to new research artistic! My objective is to create a professional corp that would function with proper funding, access and investment from the state of Kosovo.Since I have been co-ordinator of the first Contemporary Dance Festival in Kosovo for the past three years, I am trying to turn it into a Traditional Festival where every year the troupe and various artists of the world will show their research in Pristina.To deal with art, need great investments and sacrifice, but to invest your knowledge in future generations I believe it is sacred … one of my intentions is to be able to work in the near future teachers in choreography institutions.

Opusalb: How does an artist feel on stage? What makes him happy or bothers more?

R. NUHA: I think that just the fact of being on stage is one of the most happines of an artist. “Getting upset” to me is more like watching seeing theaters in different Albanian cities that do not even meet the minimum parameters to function when some theaters are guided by the wrong people and those who suffer  are the artists … when the politics uses art by wrong people and ultimately there is very little real art, do not say at all.The artist enjoys being appreciated by the audience and to leave something in their memory that can positively influence society.

Opusalb: How can young people believe on contemporary controversial ballet today?

R. NUHA: I think that every kind of art,  first you have to believe it in order to be trustworthy to others. To deal with contemporary art is to live in present, because being in the present day is easier to be perhaps avant-garde in tomorrow. For me, contemporary dance is the most realistic way of expressing on the stage, to me is the most “trustworthy” based on he performer’s lifestyle, the technical interpretation capacities of the person and as such in one way or another creates a special language, unlike others, just as every human is unique and different! Believing something right in a society that sees with doubts is sometimes sacrifice, but only in this way the latter can overcome it … so young people, especially the dancers who want to be present I want to find trust in everyday work and the right people.

Opusalb: How much do you know in Albania and how would you like to recognize them?

R. NUHA: Since I’m being active for several years on the Albanian scene, I believe I’m familiar, but for me to be familiar does not mean what it means for what you are known, so if I want to become acquainted is precisely through work, sincerity, and the works I plan to do in the future.

Opusalb: To whom you dedicate your achievements?

R. NUHA: Among the main pillars of all my accomplishments are my family, but nothing in this life can be achieved without good friends who support and push to achieve dreams. A great credit to my early beginnings was the late Rexhep Çeliku who gave me the first steps towards professionalism.Gjergj Prevazi is among the most meritorious of all my achievements in the field of choreography as well as in my growth as dancer and performer, has given me the opportunity to know and work with the most eminent figures of contemporary dance in Europe.

Opusalb: Do you have any message for the Albanian youth aspiring to the contemporary ballet?

R. NUHA: The best message to young people I think is to work harder, to follow their dreams and not allow themselves to retreat in styles that they do not feel comfortable, not to follow the “crowd” but to try find their particularity, to remain original and try the Contemporary Dance because I believe it is the most realistic and most current discipline.


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