The Vatican Library, where hundreds of information on our culture are hidden

The Vatican Library is one of the richest and oldest libraries of the civilized world. She is specialized in philological and historical disciplines, and certainly in theological, legal, and scientific disciplines. Numerous manuscripts of this library make it special for scholars from all over the world. The Regulation of this Library requires that those who wish to use the Vatican Library to prove they are scientific workers or professors of important scientific institutions. By accepting the card and signing the Registry of the Secretariat, scholars are obliged to follow the rules and norms Apostolic Library of the Vatican. The library is open from 15 September to 15 June. Study halls are open from 9 am until 5.30 pm. without interruption, from Monday to Friday. To enter the study room there are some strict rules that are strictly followed by service personnel. In this library, the first files are labeled “Albania”. There are some who are filled with literature files related to our country. Among them there are many who are missionary notes sent by Pope Rome to inspect Catholic churches of Albanian lands, in different times and centuries. These notes are sometimes invaluable to our music and music culture. The researchers’ difficulty lies in the fact that the literature we are talking about is in Latin, Italian, or in a language between Latin and Italian today, or in special dialects of various historical precipices. To date, our educational institutions have not thought or attempted to prepare various elements to be able to use this valuable cultural subject. The day that this problem will take the path of choice will undoubtedly be the day of great cultural turnaround for our country.


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