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Searching for any records of the former activity of the New Albanian Music Association, I accidentally find these notes, which seem to have served as reference points to mark the book of this Festival in 2006.

Without wanting to comment any longer and leaving this delight to readers we are publishing it in full without touching it or even editing it:

14th Festival of New Albanian Music

Tirana 22 – 28 November 2006

Organizing Committee:

Aleksandar Peci President of the Association

Nestor Kraja Artistic Director

Dorian Cheene Organizational Director

This Ferstival was made possible thanks to the generous support of the ProHelvetia Foundation, the Municipality of Tirana, the Academy of Arts and the Belle Air Society of Air Flight.

Two words on this year’s edition

The festival “Days of New Albanian Music” started in 1993 has already come a long way. This is the path to the emancipation of our music, the path to the knowledge of new techniques and at the same time the path to the consolidation of our music school, through the inspiration of the younger generations of composers, creators of the new age, from whom we will look forward peaks.

In this long road of difficulties ranging from conceptual and organizational to economic difficulties, the Festival has opened a new chapter in the history of Albanian professional music – the chapter of its regeneration, liberation and renewal – the Chapter of the Century.

Hundreds of new works have been composed in these 13 festivals where we look to reflect the reflexes of the ideas and demands of the times; they have performed hundreds of interpretations of the great music of the century, among which have highlighted many dignified talents of our musical art; numerous master classes, young creative competitions have been organized, from which new and promising creative forces have been generated; have been invited by dozens of prominent musicians from around the world who have become familiar with our music and have simultaneously displayed their musical ideas here.

At these 13 Festivals our creators have become more attentive to the world’s musical events and at the same time have begun to be recognized by the music world. They are now even more responsible for their value and role, more combative of all ignorant or denigrating nonsense, and more compact in their great human mission.

We are confident that the 14th Edition of the 2006 New Music Festival, despite the lack of support and support from the Ministry of Culture, will demonstrate new creative values, ideas that resonate with elaborate compositional techniques as expressions of the creators’ will to persistently pursue their creative ideals and passions.

Once again thanking the cultured and forward-thinking supporters of this edition, we wish all the participating artists: Success!

Nestor Kraja

Festival Program

“Days of New Music”

Tirana 22 – 28 November 2006

November 22, 10:00 am Opening of the festival, Press Conference and inauguration of the exhibition

– 13 Editions of the Festival “New Albanian Music Days” –

Hall of lecturers at the Academy of Arts

November 22 at 6pm

Concert of the Arcade Quartet of the Academy of Arts under the direction of violinist Lawrence Radovani

In the program: works by young composers:

Dorian Chene, -The Quartets arc the absolute premiere

Arta Zeqiraj (Prishtina), – The premiere of the Quartet

Armand Jata, -The quartet of arcs is an absolute premiere

Ajet Çekiçi – Arcade Quartets is an absolute premiere

The first violin by Lawrence Radovani

Hatibi Violin II

Arian Paco Viola

Violoncello Joy Belegu

Black Box Hall at the Academy of Arts

November 23 at 5pm



Haus of Arts amenities at the Academy of Arts


November 27 at 6pm

“Soloistika” (Concert by prominent soloists of our musical world)

In the program

Fatos Qerimi Clarinets

“No iso” for solo clarinet

Jahn Cage Sonata solo with Vivo – Lento – Vivo times

Electro-acoustic improvisation

Astrit Selita cellist Max Bruch Kol nidrei

Arben Lozi viole Thoma Gaqi Cadenza

Kujtim Laro “Ars morendi”

Improviso Condition Rescue

Haig Zacharian Solo Viola

The grand hall of the Academy of Arts

November 28 at 6pm

Recital by flutist Alessio Bacci (Italy)

In the program

1) Goffredo Petrassi – Souffle for flute, ottavino and flute in sol (1969)
Fatos Qerimi – “Bach and Kaba”

Berislav Sipus – Dick Tracy and the story of the sad young man

Sojan Stojkov – Introduction
Nestor Kraja – “The Circle”

2) Alexander Peci – A souffle du vent qui reveil les rythmes
Haig Zacharian – Dancing With An Old Folk Melody (2001)
Franco Donatoni – Nidi, two parts for ottavino (1979)


The grand hall of the Academy of Arts



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