The truth about the Academy of Sciences

Publications of anti-scientific cultural heritage with anti-national activities have caused the downfall of the activity practiced by that institution.

I have always been convinced that no interference, no matter its level of argumentation and justification, would force the Academy of Sciences to cancel the elections years ago and carry out the reform to eliminate all those defects that turned the most important scientific institution into this racket. But never would I think that a large part of academics would fully conform to this scandalous situation by humbly supporting its current structures. I express pity for my academic friends, who attended this mess and voted pro, I pity them for where they have descended.
I would like to separate multiple articles, especially those of Honored Professors such as Prof. Artan Fuga and the article of Prof. Xhevat Llozi who have generally treated the cardinal issues of dysfunction of this major and national institution. I personally am remembered in a way in treating the influence of the role of regressive individuals that have created not a few misgivings in the functioning of this academy, issues that have not been touched or excluded as discussion objects. In addition to the factors that have been treated by the two distinguished professors, with disparate differences, I find it necessary, among other things, to deal with issues related to the regressive impact that the normal functioning of this academy has had, the consequences which I personally think attribute to the regressive actions, the violation of the national affair, and the support by a considerable part of the leadership of this academy, the abnormal abuses and the professional inadequacy of certain individuals who have run this academy that today is considered by all as a farce.
Elections proceeded strictly as planned. Nothing stopped the current leaders from repeating again the most negative and ridiculous experiences by considering fair and law-based elections. I will not be congratulating my friend, which is elected as chairman of the Academy of Sciences, for his own good. On the contrary, I would advise him to give up the resignation together with the chosen staff and current head of this academy.
The government, rightly though late, did not recognize these elections since the very beginning. I sincerely wish that such command shall not be turned back. I consider the action of the Prime Minister to be radical, but absolutely necessary judging the conditions of the structures that this academy has long since established with its own deeds. Thus, more needs to be done in order to restructure it.
In the meetings I had with academics, after the reformation in 2007, I have posed a lot of issues, especially those of indispensable representations of the Albanian cultural heritage identity areas, left out, unrated or forgotten outside its structures. The disciplines of ethnomusicology and ethnoorganology, which were considered as non-dependent academics since the XVIII century, in the Albanian academic editions have occupied a significant place in the fund of integral publications of the Albanian Academy of Sciences. Recognized by the most well-known authors of the earthly world, translated and published in foreign languages, by the most popular scientific institutions, these publications were also integrated as subjects in all the well-known Universities, such as the University of Bologna. What is dominant in the editions of the two upper-mentioned fields, such as ethnomusicology and other disciplines, the most concrete 3000 years, ethnoorganology, are considered by critics, both local and international specialists of relevant disciplines, as the fundamental pillars of national culture that reflect the inheritance cultural heritage as well as the identity of the Albanians who have resided and who live in these areas. All this presentation, demonstrated in merely “a suitcase” with these academic editions, considered to be the fundraising of this academy, unfortunately, was accompanied by an indifference not at all dignified by the academics of the presidency. There was no response from the current mainstream of this academy for what was dealt with in these demonstrations. It was obvious that these academics do not read and consequently are not up-to-date with the publications of the institution they run or do not want to rival these other publications of this academy, which emerged during the period of the “reformed academy” for the last 15 years, which devotes the cultural identity of Albanians to another neighboring nation.
I have denounced, through many articles with a very critical sense (even through mentioning the names of the people responsible) the scientific research system, the “reformed” structures, before and after year 2007. Especially during this year, I addressed the Mayor of the Academy of Sciences for his responsible behavior, infected precisely by academics he has “hid under his armpit”, for the conformal relationships of a truly unfortunate level, not just for a scholar but especially for a chairman who runs a Science Academy. Some of the issues that I have treated and mentioned (Panorama – January 12) also involved criticism of how this academy was reformed, and in particular how many “academics” were chosen to disagree with the status of this academy, such as: Preferential Elections between clan and political recommendations rather than scientific assessments; Non-representation of priority Albanian areas; Acceptance of elements made professors contrary to the VKM as well as the status of the academy itself; Scandalous editorial editions of the academy by the abusive elements in her bosom, most unapproved by previous rigorous scientific editorials as is the most typical case of “academic” editions of the current secretary of this academy; The reestablishment of the elements that came to leading positions, the highest of this academy, without offering any scientific contributions; Integrating into its structures of unnecessary fields as well as many academics in numbers, etc., formed that academy built not on a scientific basis but an academy that treated the 2007 elections as a sports contest where every candidate, I reiterate, only those with support that had access, should run with the goal of achieving or benefiting, among other things, those permanent monetary income, significant for an Albanian scholar who provided the place for the academician. Thus, clans of poor interests were soon formed, which with what was seen in the last elections, were involved or infested even the few academics, but with the integrity that surprisingly took part in this farce and shy, seriously hurting their personality. I repeat. Why? Not to risk their permanent monetary status?
Thus, from the very first moments of its reformation, the academic structures were weakened by these elements. Quickly enough degenerated also the functions for which this academy was reformed and above all, forming an emotional belief in their conscience and “gaining” the safety of the employee of an independent institution where, in several cases, they tried arrogantly to do as they please, to create disgraceful situations in academic editions to benefit those monetary income that were provided by the “academic publication”, especially with the few public funds allocated by Albanian taxpayers. Their thoughts as employees of an independent institution made them stand steadfastly in static positions, not reflecting at all the remarks made by the authorities on the country’s integrity periodically but, why not by a large measure readers, repeatedly and prolonged in more than a decade. With all of Prime Minister’s strong signals and with the full-time available, the “academics” again did not want to be reformed. These stubborn behaviors of the academics, of course, further undermined the scientific work, which was reflected in false reports and reports of those scandalous publications that, although criticized with extreme harshness, were accompanied by no reaction of the author or even with the slightest reaction from the directors of this academy. Those responsible of such scandals, on the contrary, benefited and reinvigorated as a reward by the leadership of the academy and in leadership positions, such as, for example, the case of the academician who created those situations and many other ignobles, was appointed current academic secretary of this academy. The case of the current secretary failed to pass the approval of the file for receiving the title of a professor in the ethnomusicology department where he first filed the file. In opposition to the VKM which legally obliged the applicant to return the file only after two or three years, the file passed swiftly, illegally. Even in the following commissions the same thing occurred; He was elected as an “academic” in contravention of his status as he did not even represent a single core work of the Academy of Sciences and ultimately was elected as the scientific secretary of this academy. The final stamp lies in the fact that the 5000-year-old Albanian cultural activity took the strongest blow on the anti-national attribution of this legacy another neighboring nation with scandalous publications such as: “Odyssey and the Sirens, a calling towards the iso-polyphonic lands of Epirus”, “Origin of iso-polyphony”, etc., and many other anti-national publications, which, once more, became the object of the most powerful and occasional criticism by the most prominent specialists of the Albanian disciplines of ethnomusicology and ethnoorganology, without the reaction of the institution where these poor issues were published. The Academy of Sciences should be reorganized only after completely extinguishing the existing structures. I empower the idea that the doors of the Academy of Sciences should be closed as soon as possible. The national issue is fundamental and has not been respected in an exaggerated manner, on the contrary.
Funds should be discontinued so that hemorrhage of fund abuses reaches its end, abuses that were confirmed by recent state controls. The academy should open its doors only after its radical reformation, with academics that have produced results, only those certified and evaluated by the scientific opinion both domestic and foreign and not by anyone as it was done at the Academy of Sciences. Without the participation of Albanian-language specialists, especially of those scholars who have contributed to their studies in the Albanian studies fields, there can never be a successful academy, to implement a scientific and administrative reform platform to fulfill the most basic functional tasks of this national institution.
The most negative experiences will be repeated if the government allows the administration of reformation commissions with academics that have been accustomed to vegetation in the current, critically criticized, protracted, repeated, repeating, time-honored structures. The current government needs to establish a sound strategy if it really wants a successful, productive and well-targeted academy focusing mainly on the study areas of Albano-logy.
Only with the contribution and assistance of the most successful professors of the Albanian study fields who are considered the most well-known and proven personalities with their publications in the respective fields could be formed a restructured, rentable academy on a scientific basis to best-serve the identity problems of the Albanian nation.

Prof. Dr. Pirro Miso
Ethnomusicologist & Ethnoorganologist


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