About Piano Pedagogy

There are hundreds of students attending piano courses, as well as those of different sports languages ​​etc. Their parents understand that learning a piano is not a goal in itself or a fashion, but comes from the need to sculpt their children good taste and exquisite to make them sensitive to the beauty and the sweetness and the the end to arming them with the understanding of the language of music, as a universal communication between developed creatures. To say the right is the mothers who decide this for their children as the babylists are still traditional and prone to sport or science.
There are also dozens of teachers who teach in their private studios or in the student family premises. Today there are many different courses, including those for piano music.
The pedagogical system in piano lessons has generally remained: strict, with certain requirements, with the system of studies of the scales initially and from the point of view of the student’s professional perspective is very accurate and resultativ, but generally students today approaching this instrument with the idea : For Culture. In this way the student’s approach to the instrument has changed and pedagogical specialists have begun to explore new ways. One of them is the Improvisation.
Let the student play the first watch on the instrument by improvising different combinations of notes. Initial music will not be “nice” because it is not the same as its auditory experience (with what it has heard so far), but that way will dislodge it from the stress it has when it is recognized by the rules the game on the instrument. The learner will have to understand that a game and an individual part, though totally different from those beautiful melodies that have heard so far, can bring joy, joy, and can replace the dreary ladders. This way should be developed as a “secret” of the student in his personal games and possibly mothers should not listen to them, or pretend they do not listen. Thus different studies guide teachers to the application of improvisation is not only an indicator of student talent but also releases them from the heavy shadow that the piano teaches and shifts the effort it takes to learn it.

By one article of  Richard J. Bing

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