A manuscript and many memories

Putting books on shelves and trying to make some peace among the many letters that are gathered during the year, you may find something that inspires you. It could be a concert program, a piece of letter where you might have listed some things to do, or a note on the literature you red a few months ago. This is how  you change the calendars of that year, which seems to be long when it was full of memories or activities and otherwise seems short.

This year, among other things, I found an interesting manuscript, whose story I don’t remember as it probably belongs at least 3-4 decades ago. In a large musical notebook, the violinist Florian Vlashi had written by hand the entire score of the concert soloist n. 1 by Paganini. It came into my mind the calligraphy and patienc of those medieval ascetics who wrote the codes of the time.

Of course only a particular passion can justify this work which, certainly today, seems titanic.

Among the many famous music there are written with red pencils many applications and ligatures that speak of a score that has spent months studying in class, whose subjects remain invisible until they are clarified. However, the puzzle is beautiful, standing on the door, with a basket and arm, full of question marks and everyone is eagerly awaiting the turn to meet.

On the last page of this 24-page score, there is a slight “break” that indicates that it has been held for a long time in hand and its humidity has left an obvious mark. They remind me of these students who held the violin in their hands and at the same time also the scores or books of the time.

These very familiar stereotypes of silhouette struck me when I found exactly this score together with the following fictional film: a student who writes and writes without tiring a score which he will have to deliver to him the next day. Then the camera moves in the long hours of the study room in the afternoon when the notes, chords, arcs, positions begin to be memorized and the speed of execution gradually increases. Then the projectors are placed in the violin class where the student plays under the strict instructions of the teacher and in which some other notes are inserted into the score. In this case, the heart of the little writer beats hard for fear of interrupting the figurative harmony of his manuscript.

Turning to reality, it should be noted that perhaps many of us hundreds of former students of various instruments sometimes unconsciously keep such test sheets or books that better paint the previous reality today and that they chew many human values ​​internally, jobs, efforts and, above all, those are the values ​​that have been lost today. These dusty and forgettable notes from now on can bring historical facts about various problems and perspectives of the time. Wouldn’t it be nice to exchange each other to fill our story as much as possible?

Surely it’s worth at least to bring back some positive emotions for someone!

Nestor Kraja

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