A choreographic work by Pulenk

Frensis Poulenc 1899 –1963, after finishing his classical studies he devoted himself to music and was a pupil of Viňe pianoforte. Getting in touch with Satie and Auric joined the French “Six” group. He also developed an intense activity as a concert pianist in the duo with baritone Bernak and cellist Furnie (Fournier).

His creativity is a typical product of French culture, Poulenc was one of the most singular figures of that famous “crag of the six” who opposed the dissolution of the classical form in the impressionistic sound and on the other hand also rejected the tragic artistic and civil heroism of the expressionists. Elegant musician, the naive and mischievous face, good-naturedly ironic, full of superficial charm of Parisian march; on the other hand the melancholy, sentimental, in short, the face of the author of the “Human Voice”, of the “Dialogues of the Carmelites” by Poulenc is at best terse, intimately responsive to an instinctive and at the same time lover of the game, of structural clarity (in this sense his neoclassical term is spelled out, which does not reject the sense of empathy and deliberately does a look at light music) often epidermal but deeply authentic, without strain, albeit posited without culturalistic ambition.

One of his notable works for the orchestra is what is called Aubade’s “choreographic concert”, written for piano and 18 instruments dating from 1929. This work conceived by Pulenk as choreographic work is most often performed in concert form. In fact Aubade is a dawn song sung at sunrise. Poulenc himself designed the scenario of the ballet whose theme is the solitude of women. The goddess Diana is the heroine. The action begins in a clearing. Diane’s companions awaken little by little. Diane enters the scene, tormented by the chastity imposed on her. Her companions dress her then give her a bow: the hunt must serve her as a derivative. A solo of Diana follows, before she rejects the bow and sinks into the forest, desperate. Her companions try to console her, but Diane goes hunting, alone. Her companions fall asleep.

In fact, the work today is conceived as a piano concert rather than a choreographic work.


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